Saturday, 26 February 2011

Obsessions du jour

The things are currently occupying my fickle mind are...

The Sopranos
I had two episodes recorded and as I came home early from work the other day, I watched them both.  I now have itchy feet waiting for the next one.  I have never seen this programme before but I already love it.  I love the fact they intersperse their conversation with Italian (as I do that with Punjabi), I love the way they openly use the word whack (something which I thought they wouldn’t really say), I love how the right hand man is called Pussy, I love how someone in the mob owns a strip club and you see a lot of boobers on the show.  I love the fact that you see the gruesome-ness, I have only seen two episodes but I have seen a man’s head kicked in and a man get his brains blasted over a butcher’s table.  I love how they don't edit things down, they way they happen is the way you see them.  True to life is what I think I mean.  Most of all, I love how easy it is to access.  I found The Godfather hard work the first time I watched it but I just slipped into this and it made very easy viewing.  The people who wrote it, directed it, produced it and acted in it have done very well.  And it doesn’t seem fake, it’s all very real.  Another thing that I liked was the fact that he stayed true to his roots..he's gone up in the world but he still conducts all of his business back where he was brought up.

Scented candles
You follow me on Twitter, you know all about this.  If you don't, step to it.  I've found a brilliant seller on ebay who ships super quick and has very reasonable postage.  The Yankee ones I have are samplers but they are big enough, I've been burning them a lot and each should burn for 15 hours.  How much do the samplers cost? Less than 2 quid.  However, you do need something to put them in, I wanted to be decadent and use a crystal Scotch glass or a rummer but attempts to permanently deprive (nice legal term for you there..thank you first year uni) my dad of one of his didn't go well.  My current favourite scents are Clean Cotton, Black Cherry and Mountain Pine.

Never did I think I'd be the one using a bronzer but I've found that the right one can give you the shiny cheek look that I can never achieve with blusher.  I wanted a blusher without colour that just gave my cheek a bit of a highlight, now I realise that you need a bronzer to do that for you because they're easier to match to my skintone than a blusher is for this.  If this one works as well on me as it does on her, it shall have to be purchased.

What's everyone else loving?


  1. i know what you mean about bronzers, the right shade for darker skins can really give you that healthy glow, tho mac warm soul gives you best of both worlds - i swear :)

    lately all iv been using is a bit bronzer to contour my cheak bones a litle

  2. I love bronzers...can't get enough of them.
    I'm loving the ones from the Accesorize line at the moment. Nice and affordable.

  3. *steals all your bronzers* I once had a dream where I was going into a MAC Store on vacation and my Indian friend had asked me to get her a bronzer, and I was like WTF IT WILL JUST BE A HIGHLIGHTER ON YOU. I am special XD


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