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Rhamnousia Reviews: Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC Anti-Fatigue Concentrate Serum

After my last disaster with serum, I was really looking forward to giving this a go.  My bottle has no print on it but I saw a few in Boots and they all had a nice Biotherm printing on it.  This is also the reason why you're getting a stock photo in this post.

First, how to use it..

The box comes with a silver packet inside, inside this is an alternative top for the serum bottle.  You take the standard top off, put the alternative top on and push down, releasing a brown powder into the serum.  You take alternative top off and put the standard lid back on.  The instructions say one tap is enough to immerse the powder properly into the serum but I gave it a good shake to mix it in well.

It smells very those of you who have been to India and have ice cream there, that is exactly what this smells like.  The brown powder smells like fish food but when mixed into the serum, it takes on the fruity smell.

The bottle is made of glass and it reminds me of when I used to play with the glass bottles on my mum's dressing table.

I use one stingy drop a day.  This was found out via trial and error.  I use only the tiniest amount on my forehead, nose and chin and a little more on my cheeks as I have combination skin.  If I use more, it makes my skin greasy.  The day cream I put on top of this is Garnier's Soft Essentials Day Cream.  It sinks in quickly if you use the right amount, if you find it taking ages then you're using too much. 

It claims to turn tired looking skin around and make it look radiant and fresh.  Claims which, if actually true, would sum up exactly what my skin needed when I got it.  So..does it work?

After the very first use, my skin looked a lot smoother when I was putting my eye makeup.  The morning after, I didn't have my usual dry flakes around the nose that I'd suffered with from the onset of winter.  My skin also felt quite plumped out and it looked a great deal more radiant than it did before I used this.  The sweet smell doesn't linger at all after the first two or three days.  I've used this for three/four weeks now and there is still a lot left.  I'm still using one drop on my face and it has really made my skin look very good, a lot of the ladies at work are convinced that I've been going for facials on the sly..  It's brilliant for those who don't have time to be masking themselves up all the time, it makes you look like you've used a brightening mask which is brilliant.  I find myself using less foundation and concealer as it really evened my complexion out.

This will set you back £35.  Do I think it's worth £35? I do.  Simply because I find it hard to get a serum which is aimed at my age (26 years old) that doesn't make my skin overly oily because it is too rich.  I've used a fair few in the past and this is the only one that has does what I'd want a serum to do.  Plus, the fact that it lasts so long is also a good thing.  You can pick it up from the Biotherm site or from Boots.

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  1. I am glad that you have found something that is working well for you. This sounds awesome and £35 is not bad at all seeing that you can see in improvement AND you only need a stingy amount.


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