Thursday, 17 February 2011

A man's perspective on Hugo Boss Orange Man

As many of you know, I live with a man.  A man whose virtues I shant extol here as he is fully aware of them.  He has been the test subject for my first ever fragrance post, the subject of which being Hugo Boss Orange Man.

These are his thoughts (typed by me):
The smell you get from a sniff compared to that you get from spraying it is totally different.  It took a few minutes after spraying for the true smell to come out.  It's not an overpowering scent, I'd say it was a background smell, you only notice it's missing when you don't wear it.  I'm convinced it smells like a mixture of perfume-y apples and coriander, not sweet apples though..the other ones.  And regardless of what anyone else says, I'm sure I smell a tiny bit of vanilla.  It's not your typical "boy" smelling scent so if you want to buy something a bit different, this would be a good bet.

The bottle is very similar to the women's version.
Would he buy it? Yes, but make sure you spray it so that you get the proper scent, it smells totally different from sniff to spray.

These are my thoughts: 
I gave him a "are you dizzy, blud?" look when he said it smelt of coriander and apples because who would ever think to put that smell into a perfume?  Imagine the egg on my face when I checked online and saw the official smell was described as having top notes of crisp apple and coriander...and something to do with vanilla.

Talking of descriptions, this also made me laugh "Boss Orange Man, a vibrant scent of free-spirited optimism.  The Boss Orange man is truly liberated. A mellow soul with a passionate and spontaneous spirit, his fragrance complements his easy-going charm and his natural feel-good aura.  A fragrance with a remarkable character and a relaxed feel, just like the Boss Orange Man himself."  He is a mellow soul though, nothing ever seems to faze him whereas I used to lose my shit at the drop of a hat.

If you're wanting to buy a perfume for a typical Indian boy (you all know the type), this won't fit the bill BUT.. both my brothers have all the standard Indian boy smells (Issey Miyake, 212 etc..) and they didn't mind this one.

You can pick this up from, prices range from £25.00 to £45.00.


  1. This sounds goooooooooooooood!

    Hiro is a pain in the arse to buy frangrance for. He walks about duty free shouting...."URGH!! THIS STINKS OF SHIT!!!" at everything he tries. It's a cringe worthy experience.


    I finally found something that he likes. Comme de Garcon Wonderwood. ((((((((((RELIEF)))))))))))!!

  2. Old Cow: Simon does the exact same thing and I want to kick him because he could just keep quiet but oh no, he has to let the world know. He didn't like this when he sniffed it but the smell changes once you spray it so we were good to go. I'm going to seek out that Comme De Garcon one!

  3. Lol! "Standard Indian Boy smell" :P My dad likes Issey Miyake fragrances. Great post.


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