Sunday, 20 February 2011

EOTD: The two brush, two eyeshadow smokey eye

The one thing I've wanted to be able to manage is a smokey silver/grey eye.  This has eluded me for many reasons, the first was that I didn't have a decent grey eyeshadow and the second was that I had no clue how to go about blending grey to get it into two different tones.

I can't remember why I bought the MUA shadow, I can only think that it was because it was next to something else I bought and impulse buying is a mother..  The two brushes are from the ELF Bamboo range and the hairs are actually a pale yellow (er..bamboo, you dunce!) colour, they're tinged darker because I couldn't wait to use them.

I hate the way any makeup looks so unimpressive when you close your eyes but I really like how this looks in the open eye shots and I keep my eyes open more than I do closed so that's a winner.  There is indeed a bit missing but there's a reason for that, it works really well with my eyes open, you can see the "missing bit" effect in my eyes open shots, I wanted that little bit of clearance there.  I've lined my eye with the MUA shadow, it really is very pigmented and well behaved as a liner, not like the other pesky ones that end up in the eye, this baby stays where you put it.  And...the shadow by 17 is grey with little blue-y glitter bits in it which is something new for me, I've only ever seen silver with golden bits in it.  Last point, I swear! You can see that it is creasing a bit, I've tried this with a primer underneath it and stays true to colour, I just didn't have the mind to photograph it.

The best part of all is that I wore this work and got away with it! Thus, I'm declaring it worksafe.

There's a review coming up on these brushes (and the two face ones I have) very soon!


  1. Very pretty! I really want those bamboo brushes :)

  2. haha are deeming it worksafe, crazy isnt it! i have ta wear makeup for work, even on days wer i feel lazy, well done at the blendin x

  3. haha are deeming it worksafe, crazy isnt it! i have ta wear makeup for work, even on days wer i feel lazy, well done at the blendin x

  4. This is really pretty! Lovely glittery greys. And I love the way it looks almost like you have an eyeliner wing. I want those bamboo brushes!

  5. Very cute look, I have brought MUA lipsticks but not tried the eyeshadows, I will be sure to pick one up! x x x


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