Thursday, 27 January 2011

ELF introduce Mineral Bamboo brushes

It's that dodgy time after Christmas where you've recovered from the overeating but your bank balance hasn't and payday is but a speck of dust on the horizon..I get paid on February 1st but then I also get my February paycheck at the end of February so I can't whinge too much..  

With this austerity in mind, ELF have released a range of mineral bamboo brushes which not only are good for the environment but will also not bankrupt you..
See, all good things!
As those of you follow me on Twitter will know, I have recently fallen in love with cream blushers.  I haven't found a decent method of applying them but these brushes give me some hope as the Taklon bristles can be used with both cream and powder products.  The bamboo handles are designed so that you don't get hand ache from holding your brush for a long time..which is something Simon laughed at until I made him time how long I hold my brushes for when putting my face on..

There are a total of 12 brushes in the range and 2 sets..

My only grumble is that the Kabuki brush isn't available on its Jack Jones and I can't see that many people who shop at ELF fork out £15 for just one brush.  I do have a few of these brushes which will feature on here at some point in the future, in the mean time I will leave you to guess which ones they are!


  1. I haven't tried any of these but I love the ELF studio ones. I wanna get the unique ones of these :)

  2. ooohh these look lovely i think i want em all!

  3. These look fab! I wonder how they will compare against ECOTOOLS?


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