Monday, 24 January 2011

Batiste Tones: The verdict..

The Batiste Tone I have is the one for dark hair as, surprise surprise, my hair is dark.  You'd never expect an Indian person to have naturally dark hair, would you?!

This stuff literally whooshes out of the tube, it's louder than the usual offering from Batiste and quite a fair bit does come out.  Thus, don't get trigger happy and hold it further away than you usually would but check which way the nozzle is facing..

It comes out a dark grey-ish colour but once you've rubbed it in and brushed it out, your hair looks darker.  My hair is not black, it's black/brown and when I had this on, it turned my hair raven black so there is colour there..
See that rogue "white" hair? That's how far this baby sprayed me..
When it's brushed in, it turns black..the only reason my hair looks grey is because of the flash but trust me, that's black there..

Also, you know that there is colour coming out because the nozzle is stained..

When you brush it out, it doesn't stain your clothes.  I was wearing a white top and there were no annoying black flecks on it, I just tapped them out of my hairbrush when I finished doing my hair.

The smell is not your typical Batiste smell so nobody knows you've dry shampoo'd on the sly.  I quite like that about Batiste..the secret got out so they've literally thrown people off the scent.  Once you've brushed it out, there is no obvious scent.

ETA: I washed my hair today for the first time after using this and the colour does wash out so don't be surprised to see the water turn that greyish colour it does when you accidentally wash your hairdye out.  One wash was enough to get all the colour out but obviously, if you use more..keep washing until the water becomes clear.

Now for the important question, is it worth it?

If you want it to cover the roots for a day, this will do the job but I wouldn't suggest using it as a fix for longer than a day, you can always use mascara for that..

This took the grease out of my hair better than my original one does, I didn't have to use it again on Sunday as the grease was still not making a comeback.  I can't do with my standard Batiste. I'm not sure if the formula is different or if the black colour hides the grease better but I know when my million and one bottles of dry shampoo run out, I'll be seeking this one out over the rest. 

As before, you can buy it in Boots and Superdrug and it will cost you £3.05.  I haven't included links because they're not online yet but you can click here to see the other shades in the range.


  1. Good to know this actually works! :)

  2. Great post! I have black/brown hair too, and I am interested in trying their tone range. I would rather play on the brown than the black in my hair though. Would you recommend the medium tone or do you think it'd be too light?

  3. Lillian: I liked them! So much so that I

    Anonymous: Thanks! Well I use the darkest one and that still picks out the browny parts of my hair. The shampoo isn't so dark that it stains your hair black. When I brush it out, I can see the browny parts of my hair and I have tried the medium shade and that looks really obvious. I hope that helps!


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