Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My most practical purchase of the winter..

Are these..
They're not this orange in real life, they're a darker brown but flash is a git.

Yep, flat, suede shoes are just what everyone needs when trudging to and from work in snow.  I don't know what possessed me to buy these, we popped into Sainsburys to pick up some cheap dad told me that Bacardi was on for £13 per litre bottle so me and Simon naturally bought 12 bottles (6 max. per person).  My defence is that these shoes were in my eyeline and thus they came to me.



  1. Pretty!!! But don't your feet FREEZE?!! xx

  2. Ahahahh this post made me laugh! But those are pretty, I totally understand your impulsive purchase (=

  3. Shoes and Bacardi...great shopping trip! :)

  4. But they are totally cute!

    You could wear a plastic bag over them while trudging through the snow?


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