Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Christmas Present Buying Guide: Nail buffs

See what I did there?

I bought some Models Own gear back when they had their 50% off sale on.  A sale which I find they dealt with very well, there were minimal complaints and everybody was able to order what they wanted AND they updated their stock properly..unlike another brand who ballsed theirs right up.

When I first saw these on their website I knew I would want them all, namely because Models Own are very good at seeing a trend and making a polish to answer it..I bought their set of glittery polishes and my mum has stolen them so I'm going to buy her a set of these and hope to get mine back..Or I could just keep the new ones.  You know sometimes when companies make sets of polish and all the shades are similar? You don't have that problem here as all the shades are very different from each other so nobody would ever know.  Models Own is one of my favourite nail polish brands (the other being Jessica Nails) as they're very easy to apply, they dry quickly and they don't chip for ages. Each set contains 6 nail polishes and will set you back £20.00 and you can pick them up here.

The next products bring a joy to my heart as I have enquired as to why this company stopped making nail varnish in the first place as they had their formula spot on!  These two are more like stocking fillers but you could buy other items and group them together as a present..

I have bought both of these for myself from The Body Shop and I'm glad to report that the formula from the old polishes hasn't changed..the black one is a joy to apply, the glitter is the perfect size for attracting attention.  I wore it when I was driving at night and my nails really sparkled.  I wore it over a white nail polish on my toes and my 8 year old cousin told me it looked as if I'd dipped my toes in the sky at night time..I also used the Barry M nail polish over the top of the glittery shade and my cousin was amazed as to how I managed to do such intricate nail art on my toes..

I gave the pink one to my mum and she really likes it, they stay chip free for a fair old while.

Each of these retail for £5.00 which is a bargain! My mum has used the pink one so much that I've bought her two backups incase these are seasonal products..  You can buy them from The Body Shop stores or online.


  1. Ive never tried any models own polishes before, its Chrstmas and I am a nail buff so I think I will get a gift for me =D

  2. Models Own polishes are fantastic - I love the colours and they're cheap as chips! The sets look fab!

  3. I've not tried Body Shop nail polish before and I need to head over their for new scrubby gloves soon so I shall look for the black glittery one.


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