Thursday, 18 November 2010

What you do when you're called into work on your day off..

I have two weeks off work, this is my last week.

My original plans were to do nothing.  They went well.  I then decided I'd start reading again and I attacked my local library as the bookshop had nothing I wanted.  I started reading a book on Monday and I have finished it today.  I quite enjoyed it, it's called Fruit of the Lemon and it's about a British born Jamaican girl who (after suffering a breakdown) goes to Jamaica to stay with her mum's sister for a bit.  Whilst there she learns all about her family and her family tree, tracing way back to when her family were still slaves.  I didn't like it too much at first but I really got into it when she was told stories about her family.  Part of that was because I've always wanted to research my own family history and I've decided that I'm going to.

Anyway, I got a phone call this morning from my boss telling me that they're moving offices a week early and that I had to go in and direct where to move my stuff to.  By office moving, I don't mean moving to a new block of offices, I mean moving individual offices within the building as they finally decided to move things to the basement.  So, off I went to work..

One of the mover guys (what is their technical name?) was rather handsome and spent more time trying to avoid my gay mate than he did actually moving things.  I'm not surprised that half the office were drooling over him, what do you expect if you're wearing a t shirt that's three sizes too small for you?

I decided to skip my lunch, get the work done and then just come home early..this is what came home with me.

I have been looking for cherry Carmex everywhere and when I saw them on 2 for £5, I picked up one standard one and one cherry one..despite the fact that I haven't even opened my mint one yet.

I needed some new toner and this was the one that smelled the nicest, I tend to try and avoid the strong, chemical-y smelling ones.

I couldn't find any Max Factor mascaras for love nor money so I decided to buy The Falsies instead, I hope it is as good as Colossal.

I also finally gave in and abought the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit scrub and facewash.  I looked a right weirdo on the Tube, having a sniff of the bottle but they smell really nice and I hope they actually work!

I got this card for my best friend as his birthday is fast approaching, the more risque version of the word on the front of this card is one of my favourite words in the English language and the message inside is pure me as I'm a lover of a great pun.

Anyone else been hauling anything? The next thing on my list is cream blushers!

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  1. I love that card!!

    I dont answer the phone on my days off, is that bad?


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