Thursday, 18 November 2010

Me and my Mittens: A Love Story and an MOTD.

I dislike gloves.

The reasons for this are many..
  1. No matter how long I wear them for, my fingers NEVER get warm.  They tend to go from cold to sweaty, I am unaware as to why they do this. 
  2. My fingers are lovers, not fighters.  They have an "all for one" mentality and like to be nestled in warmly with each other.  Gloves enforce a life of solitude on them.  They don't like this.  They long to make like Freddie Mercury and break free.
  3. If you want to ball your hands up to warm them up quicker, it's impossible.
  4. The small finger on any pair of gloves is always too big for me.  The other day my mum found an old pair of gloves belonging to my brother from when he was 10.  He is now 21.  I tried them on and the small finger was yet again, too big.  I am 26.
There are many more reasons but that is more than enough crazy for one day.

What does a person who dislikes gloves do when the weather turns against them?


My dislike for gloves is as immense as my like of mittens.

Mittens are the shit.

My fingers are all warm and toasty, the tyrannous rule of solitude imposed by gloves is but a memory.  The pinky finger has shook off any feelings of inadequacy.  My Oyster card can stay ensconsed in the mitten, rendered is the need to root through my bag every five minutes to locate the bugger.

However, the single best thing about them is the fact that Simon can get his hands in there for extra warmth if needs be.  He will be damned if he admits this to anyone but his hands have been in my mittens (ooh er) more times than he would like to admit.

This is just one pair of my mittens..

The photographs make them look like someone has puked in my hands.  They look much nicer IRL, I promise! Cost me about a tenner from Topshop and I bought them about three or four years ago when I was helping my best friend get over her bastard of an ex.


  1. i dont get to use mittens in kerala!!! lol. but these look super pretty......I love stuff with diff colors incorporated in it.these look cool.

  2. I have a pair of almost-fingerless gloves that turn into mittens, best thing ever for me as it means I can keep my hands warm and use my touch-screen phone at the same time, no more struggling to get the gloves off and missing phone calls for me! I think MOTDs need to start trending in the blogging community...please make this happen!xx

  3. 'Gloves enforce a life of solitude on them' - seriously, you have NO idea how badly you made me laugh! :)

  4. indianmakeupways: You are lucky! I get my mittens out in October and they don't go back into my cupboard until March!

    Dani: This is why I refuse to buy an iPhone, BB all the way! (Damn them for coming out with a touchscreen verison). I am trying to get MOTD's more recognition in the beauty blogger sphere, I have more coming up!

    Persephone: It's a sad fate but entirely true :P

  5. LOL this is so cute XD I suppose you dislike toe socks too?

  6. SilhouetteScreams: Hell to the yes, when they first came out, I scorned them and knew they wouldn't last and where are they now?! EXACTLY!! *ahem*

  7. Mittens are shit.

    There, I corrected your title for you :p

    I hate them!! They're not practical at all. You can't do simple things like zip up your coat, take your oyster card out of your bag, eat or most importantly, make snowballs properly.

    Gloves for life!

  8. Une Tass: Ow dare you! Ger' outta my blog!

    Mittens are BRILLIANT for making snowballs and you can keep your Oyster card on your palm, they're the way forwards I tell thee!


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