Wednesday, 24 November 2010

MOTD: My haute couture mittens

These are indeed my very own pair of haute couture mittens.

The wool I used to make them for myself was the most expensive (why am I compelled to put an "est" on the end of that word?) wool I ever bought myself and I made them to measure my own hands.   Thus, they fully fulfill the HC criteria.
Check the midget thumb..I always get the piss taken out of me about it

They have a matching scarf which I have forgotten at my desk know what office thieves are like!

They're super soft, they feel like satin-y wool and are just as heavy duty as the ones already featured here.  I didn't follow a pattern for these really, I just knitted and measured against my hand and this is what became of them.


  1. They are GORGEOUS! They look so soft and cosy! I'm tempted to do a MOTD, as inspired by you, but not sure it counts as mine are 'glittens'?! xx

  2. Dani: I will allow it (lol) although you know my dislike of, can't say it!


  3. These are great! I like the flects of colour amongst the black. I have poor knitting skills, I can only make a basic scarf although I never buy enough wool to finish it!

  4. I can't stop giggling at the midget thumb now that you've pointed it out hehe

  5. Looking at these make my hands feel warm! I think you should sell them - I'd buy a pair!!

    Kaushal xx

  6. haha...neat mittens. just found your blog and love it.

  7. Haha I think this post would be complete with a Mittens Blue Steel pose XD

  8. I have a midget thumb! Only one! My boyfriend takes the piss too :/

    I call it my lucky thumb... Like Nemo's fin lol.


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