Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lush Toner Tabs: ETC ETC

I saw these in many Lush stores before I finally picked them up from the one in Westfields.  The reason for this is simple..the Lush in Westfields is pretty're not cramped and worried you're going to knock something over and you're not overwhelmed by smells either.

Now that I write this, I'm sure I wrote about my experience in this Lush branch before..with the SA who was stingier than Ebenezer Scrooge on a bad day.  I asked for a sample of the 9-5 cleanser and the amount he gave me barely skimmed the bottom of the sample jar.

These made the move from bedroom to kitchen (the plan was to watch TV and steam at the same time and we don't have a TV in the bathroom anymore because I like to douse myself in "boiling water" and it kept getting steamed up..but that's by the by), anyway, these made the move last week and I decided that a few nights ago, enough was enough.

I got out the biggest bowl we have and whacked some boiling water into it.  The instructions clearly say 40 degrees celcius is the best temperature to use and this was the original plan but I got waylaid on the phone and the kettle came to a full boil..

You take out one tab and whack it into the warm water.  I wanted the one which calms troubled skin (the Tea Tree one) because I was in outbreak city at the time.  I thought they would be same thickness as paracetemol tabs but they're a lot thicker.  Drop it in and watch it fizz away, the smell is released when it fizzes and I found that putting your face over the bowl at that time doesn't do you any harm..

I sat with the towel over my head for a fair warmed my skin up and I could feel it getting cleaner and smoother.  It also opens your nose up too so it would be good if you've got a cold/are getting over one..

I sat like that for about 20 minutes.  I managed to remove about three blackheads which was three more than I thought I had.  It wasn't hard to remove them, I just ran my fingers over my nose (to get some water off) and they came off.

You can save the liquid and use it as a toner for your skin or as a nice wash for your hair.  I managed to fill two toner bottles with mine..well, I could have filled two more but as I had none left, it went down the sink.

The next day my skin did look a LOT better.  I find that if you don't extract whiteheads and blackheads, they will look more prominent the day after so make sure you get them all.  Plus, they're easier to get out whilst your skin is a bit steamy/slimy.

I feel my skin getting softer and cleaner as it takes the heat in and the next day it looks a lot nicer than it did before.  I used to use a steamer before this but the bowl method works a lot better so I'd say if you want a steamer, just get a big bowl and use that.

These retail for £4.25 and can be bought here.  When I finish my current packet, I am definitely going to buy some more.  The toner you get afterwards is a nice grime remover..although I don't feel it did much to my hair.


  1. I HAVE To try these thanks for posting about them. They sound liek a great idea for the bunged up season!

  2. I like the idea of these, I've always used a steamer before I've done a face mask but they are quite faffy. A big bowl and a tea towel are much easier like you said.

  3. I didn't really understand the toner tabs but I do have a pesky blackhead problem (attractive I know) so shall definitely investigate! xx

  4. I've not heard of these before, I might give them a go as my skin is really congested and dry at the min :-(

  5. hey i hav tried the toner tabs. they are amazing! its a great buy. by the way happy diwali :)

  6. Have you tried the E tab yet? My favourite by far :)


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