Monday, 1 November 2010

Cellnique Paramedical

Today I'll be rambling about the Cellnique Expert Series Amino-Collagen C Intense Set and the Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel.

The former is an anti ageing product and the latter is for those with oily skin.  As I'm now 26, I'm trying my best to get all the anti ageing goodness into myself whilst I still can.

Cellnique Expert Series Amino-Collagen C Intense Set
I feel it pertinent to point out that this came with no instructions whatsoever.  I usually don't mind if things have no instructions because it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to use most skincare items.  However, I have never ever used something like this on my skin before so some help would have been nice.  I didn't know whether you were meant to use them at the same time or individually, which step of the skincare routine they would come and or how often you were meant to use them.

The Cellnique website says the following:
"Use day and night after cleanser, toner and eye care.  Use Amino Collagen Intense I first, followed by Amino Collagen Intense II.  Apply to face evenly, in upward and outward circular motions."
When I first got this, I did a test patch on my arm.  I never usually do this but as I had never used a product like this before, I thought it best.
My first impressions of the product were slightly marred by the smell.  Both the products smell like an old school pet shop.  I say old school because I haven't been to a pet shop for ages and I doubt the chain shops smell this way.  I grew up with a pet shop on the corner of my road and we'd always go in there and marvel at all the animals.  I remember once my brother got scared by a parrot and he cried.  I laughed.  I miss that shop..

I used this for a fair while and felt that it did not do much.  I gave it to my mum and she felt the same.  Somehow my dad (who I am sure is the most metrosexual dad out there) got his hands on it and he too disliked it.

I asked them why they disliked it and they said:
  • It smells funny
  • The pipette tests their patience ( this was my dad, he is the one I get my impatience from)
  • It stings near the eyes
  • It makes your face feel as if you're wearing a mask and that if you smile, your face will shatter.
  • It leaves your hands feeling like you've washed them in cement
  • It's hard to get your hands clean afterwards
Going on all the above, they gave up with it.  I'm sure a lot of people would, if something like that after the first few times you've used it, you're not going to carry on with it, are you?
    Skin Action Sebum Gel
    This smells pretty strong and a bit funny.  One pump (ha!) gets you a tiny bit but you need quite a few to coat your face properly.
    It soaks in very quickly and your skin immediately feels a bit more plumped out.  My skin was sticky to the touch for about five minutes but after that, we are all good.  My skin feels soft and normal.  I touched it frequently whilst trialling this just to make sure that my skin was still matte.  It was.  I applied it all over my face as I dislike faffing about with a million and one creams.

    A few days into using it, I found  that it was the devil.  It made me matte in the morning but I was oilier than an oily thing come lunchtime, NOT GOOD.  Nothing has ever made my nose as shiny as this has, and I used to use a rich moisturiser..

    A few days later I found myself breaking out all over my forehead and nose.  I have NEVER broken out on my nose before..NEVER!!

    I tried to use it with powder on the top and that didn't work either, this just sucked the powder in.

    It broke me out and I know my t zone is not the oiliest out there so I can't really give this a glowing reference.  I am not going to carry on using it for obvious reasons, it's going to go to an unsuspecting aunt or cousin.

    Thus, sebum gel - bad, amino-collagen c intense set - also not good.

    You can buy Cellnique from here.


    1. Hmm, Cellnique sent me the Sebum gel as well, scared to use it now as my skin is looking pretty clear lately. Gutted it made you break out xx

    2. oh no!!! ima stay well clear! i think perhaps it was designed for much older and more mature skin which can tolerate the levels of fatty acids in the products perhaps? either way i dont think u need those for ur skin at the mo

    3. doesn't sebum mean the oil produced by your skin? xxxxxxx


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