Monday, 29 November 2010

Freak Like Me

This is the name of a programme that is currently on BBC3.

I don't know when the original air time is but I always catch it on Thusdays after Family Guy.  It's presented by Russell Kane who me and other tweeters think is a rather nice guy.

I never made a conscious effort to watch it when it was first advertised but since seeing it three weeks ago, I always end up watching it after Family Guy (and then struggling to get up on a Friday morning).

The basic premis of the show is things that people do which make them a "freak", basically things they do that no other person does..for example, there was a guy who collected bees, a girl who only ate stale food and a guy who spends all night dancing in his bathroom.  Members of the public are asked about their habits and it turns out we are all a bunch of freaks.

I thought I'd do a post about things that make me a freak..things I think that only I do.  So, here we go..

  • Whenever I go to bed wearing socks, I never ever ever wake up wearing them.  I am 26 and have no recollection of ever waking up with socks on.  My parents verify this. 
  • When I eat a KitKat Chunky, I have to eat the chocolate first and then the wafer tastes so much nicer.  They should sell the wafer on its own.
  • When I eat Smarties, I have to take them all out of the tube and group them according to colour.  I eat them in descending order going on which colour has the most Smarties.
  • Whenever me and Simon go and stay somewhere, he always sleeps on the side closest to the door..even in my parents house.  He says it's to protect me from intruders, the truth is that it's to protect me from falling off the bed (something I've done a fair bit in my adult life)
  • I dislike using glasses to drink anything bar wines and spirits.  I drink soft drinks, juices, teas and coffees from mugs. 
  • Whenever I eat food in a living room, I can't use a table.  I have to sit cross legged on the sofa with a cushion as a makeshift table.
  • It used to take me ages to get neat writing out..e.g. when writing Christmas cards, only the last five I write come out in neat writing, the first however many look terrible.
  • When I write messages whilst on the phone, nobody can read my writing..even I have trouble.
  • When I'm home alone, I have to have all the lights on..this winds my dad up no end because he gets a massive bill and isn't impressed.
  • I can never wear matching underwear.  I don't know why this is, I feel odd if they both match. 
  • I hate eating peas, if I can see them, I won't eat them.  The only time I've eaten then is when they're mushed in samosas.
  • Whenever I eat something, I eat the nicest bits first just in case I die before I get to them..
  • I can't mix food when I eat, I eat everything individually. 
  • My fork and knife have to be of the same set. 
  • I leave every car I drive in gear, apart from my dad's.  I don't know why, I fear my mum more than I fear him.

    What do you do that is unique to you?  


      1. Unique to me?

        I dont want to scare you!

        I am with you on the Kitkat dissection eating method. It drives Hiro nuts!

        OMG!!! I do the same thing with smarties and skittles and m&ms!!! ahahahaha


        Are you my unidentical twin??

      2. I do the seperate eating thing too - I would never do that thing where people save a little bit of everything to have a "mini meal" at the end of their meal. A girl I went to school with took it further though, she used to haev everything on seperate plates and couldn't have food if it was touching. Issues!

      3. I've watched this programme a few times - there are some really interesting ones as well as a few disgusting habits! I like your one about the socks, that's kinda funny.
        One of my habits is that if I am putting on paired items like socks or shoes, I always have to put the right one on first.

      4. I do the socks thing too!

        I can't think of anything right now but I can bait up my boyfriend's weirdo habits since he won't ever read this ha!

        He HAS to change his pillowcase every two days (one side for each day) because of "germs". I tell him that his face isn't THAT dirty but to no avail.

      5. At the age of 25 I still cannot put my bra on properly. Maybe I have T-Rex stylee arms but just cant do it! Thats the reason I refuse to pay proper money for boulder holders, they get stretched to buggery and only last a matter of months.

        When I'm home alone I have to the have radios/tv's on in every room. Complete silence in the house creeps me out.

      6. I LOVE this show! Best guy on it was the dead bee collector! Lol.

        My wierd thing? God, where do I start. Ok, I eat chocolate bars in a bizarre way, for starters. Always eat the chocolate then the inside. eg With a twix, I eat the chocolate off the outside, then the caramel, then the biscuit. I actually get annoyed if the biscuit snaps. Same process with a mars... snicker etc. I also like to use kit kats as a "straw" type device through which to drink coffee or tea...

      7. Fabulous post - i have a few similar traits to u, i always eat my smarties in that way and strangely i go bed with both socks on, and every morning only have 1 pair on and one pair that i never seem to find until later. I can only ever eat 2 slices of pizza before i start feeling really full - regardless of the size of the pizza. i like to do things in order, if things arnt in order i feel like im losing control lol ahh theres too many :P


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