Monday, 29 November 2010

An unusual brush cleaner fit for a Lord..

One of my most hated beautification things is cleaning my brushes, I hate hate doing it as I think they get messy way too quickly.

I give them a quick clean daily but they're properly washed once every two weeks.  I used to find removing the hair from my brush such an ordeal, then I started using a nail brush to get the hairs out and it worked perfectly.

I always wondered why someone didn't make a brush cleaner for this situation and then there I was, a few weeks ago in John Lewis looking at the shampoos and I saw this beauty from Denman..their very own brush cleaner!

How perfect is that?! You just slide it back and forth along the rows of "teeth" and it removes all hair and fluff.

It set me back about £4-ish and it's been a Godsend, it makes cleaning my brushes so easy.  And no, you don't need a brush cleaning brush cleaner as I find the hair just falls out of this.

PS the title is in homage to this guy..

(Time for a little lesson in law)..
Lord Denman..a name that every law student has etched on their hearts after doing first year contract law.  He gave judgment as Lord Chief Justice (along with Judge Patteson and Judge Littledale) in one my all time favourite cases..Williams v Cawardine.  A guy had been murdered, Mrs Williams was called to give evidence and she didn't tell the court everything that she knew (tut tut, perjury).  The defendents were acquitted.  Mr Cawardine (brother of the guy who got murdered) took out an ad offering money for any more evidence about his brother's murder.  Mrs Williams gave him more information and as a result, two more guys went up on trial and were convicted (one of whom was her husband..)

After that trial, Mrs Williams took Mr Cawardine to the civil courts and said that he was in breach of contract because she gave him the info but he didn't give her money.  During her trial, they found out that the reason she had come forward to give more info was because between the first trial (where she was hush hush) and the second trial (where her old man was convicted), he'd beaten her.  Denman and his cronies decided that your motives for entering a contract are irrelevant, if you enter a contract whereby you get something, you're entitled to it, regardless of why you entered into it.  Which makes sense to me, if I'm giving you something and you promised to give me something in best honour that.

And I remembered all that off by heart *brainbox in the house*


  1. Love the law lesson haha! The only cases from Contract law I can remember is Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company!

  2. hehe you're refreshing my memory, please stop, I can't take law :p

    Love that brush thingy though. Gota get it asap.

  3. Dont laugh at me :(

    I dont own a hair brush :(

  4. I do it the old school asian way and use a comb.. does the job!
    That being said, my amazing wooden hairbrush from the poundshop (yusss) is missing. Boo.

  5. cool story and the brush seems godsend!

  6. Wow, you learn something new everyday! Love the "Law for Dummies" lesson. ;-)


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