Thursday, 7 October 2010

The New Skincare Routine

Did anyone see The Inbetweeners this week when they went to "Waterside?"

Well that place is actuallly called The Chimes and it was built when I started sixth form and I had my first "proper" retail job in there; good old H&M..which has just recently been refurbished and looks TERRIBLE.  It was nice and bright in there before but now they've brought the ceiling right down and it's really cramped.

All three products here were also bought from that very shopping centre.

The Boots (which was featured behind Will and Simon discussing their cinema plans) is the place where me and the Skin Tonic first started our fleeting romance *sob sob*.

I'm more than convinced that it has been discontinued now because when I went to check the two shelf places where it usually is, there were other products there.

My mixture toner stopped working for me so I decided to buy a new one as I use a toner to get rid of the City grime that builds up on my face during the day.
I've worked it into my skincare routine and I'm quite pleased with how well these three products work together.

I find that the toner removes the grime but leaves my skin feeling moisturised.  I prefer it to this toner as it makes my skin feel plumped up and tingly clean.  I apply the toner both in the morning and the evening.  In the mornings I follow it with the Garnier eye roll on and then the Mattifying Lotion.  I find it easier to use the eye roll on first as otherwise you get a milky deposit around your eyes and you have to remove it with a tissue.

The roll on has finished and I'm testing out a cream at the moment but the roll on is idiot proof (hence the love) and you can moisturise on up without tugging at the skin.

In other news, it's recently turned a lot colder so I've taken to camouflaging myself whilst in bed so that I can score an extra few minutes, do you think it's working?
What's your current skincare regime? Any tips for us combo ladies? Do you try and camouflage in bed during the winter in the vain hope that you will get an extra five minutes?


  1. Neals Yard Mahonia wash, lavender toner and almond cream is a wicked combo for combi skin =D x x

  2. What is that moisturiser like? I've just got a new Neutrogena one that I'm yet to use but I'd like a oil-free one for shiny days. Is it worth a go?

  3. Imo: THANK YOU! I've wanted to try NY for ages but the SA's have always been a bit clueless when I've been in there, now I know what to look for!

    JadeyLou: The moisturiser is BRILLIANT. If you click the labels dropdown menu and click on Boots Skin Clear, one of the posts is a review on the moisturiser. I love it and this is my third tube. It really keeps your skin matte.

  4. ive never actually used toner because i'd read in a lot of places that it's not really worth using :O
    my skincare regime has been simplified to like, two products, which ill be blogging about rather soon ;) my saviours hah.

  5. iv got combination skin and im using the nude oil to cleanse at night and the wash for the morning - i find the wash helps to keep the oils at bay for a lil longer, and the Care plus pure witch hazel as the toner and the oil free moisturiser by elemental becoz even thou its oil free its very moisturising too.


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