Monday, 13 September 2010

Want a gentle exfoliator? Liz Earle to the rescue!

I LOVE exfoliating.  I'm not quite sure why, but a part of me loves the feeling of a scrub on both my face and my body.  It's the glow of nice, smooth, clean skin that comes out underneath it which really fascinates me.

I think scrubs are quite foolproof because if one makes you too oily, you can wash your face, tone normal and if it makes your skin too dry, you can always put more moisture in.

I already have two scrubs on the go but wanted something a bit different.

Then I got this Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator.

I am usually anything but gentle with my skin but with this product, you can't help but be gentle.  It's not your typical facial scrub, it has a thick, cream like consistency and the "beads" only come to force when you rub it over your face.  The "beads" are there, you feel them washing over your skin and taking dirt with them but they're not so hard that they feel like granuales.

I didn't really see a big difference with my skin after using this the first few times.  I think you have to use it for about a month or so before you see results.

My nose is my current bugbear and I'm convinced the pores could be a lot cleaner.  After using this for a fair while, I found that it did make my pores cleaner and tighter.  I could actually see that they were cleaner and they looked a lot smaller.  I'm fairly chuffed about this and think I have finally realised that a gentle scrub is what I need to sort my nose out.  I didn't have the forethought to take before and after photos but believe me, there is a marked difference and for that reason alone, I think I will buy it again.  Having said that, it has not had any adverse effect on my face at all, I just feel that I can get away with a harsher exfoliant on my face..

If you like to give your skin a good deep clean via exfoliation then this may not be what your heart desires..but then I suppose you know that anyway, don't you? Otherwise why would you buy a gentle scrub?

My mum has normal skin and she really liked it, she said her skin felt a lot softer after using it so I'm thinking it is more suited to normal skin than it is for oily skin if you're looking for a gentle all over scrub.

This retails for all different prices, a 70ml bottle will set you back £12.25, a 50ml bottle will cost you £8.75 and a 15ml tube is less than a fiver.  I quite like the fact that you can get differing sizes so you can trial products before spending a lot of money on them.  You can buy them from here.


  1. I quite liked this - the scent is so refreshing! but I don't think it did a great deal for me even though it is enjoyable to use. My favourite scrub is the Origins Modern Friction, makes my skin smooth and helps with evenness.

  2. i'd love to try this- and having a trial size available makes it possible for me to try it on a college budget. :)

  3. Meeta: I have always made plans to pick that up but I always get waylaid by their Ginger body stuff which is heavenly. I am going to make sure I pick it up soon as I hear only positive things. I didn't think it worked too well either at first which is why I make sure I use things for a few weeks/times before posting my review.

    Katie: The trial size is a brilliant idea and I know that they last a long time as well, a lady I work with has a travel size and she's been using it for a fair while now.


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