Monday, 13 September 2010

EOTD: Pinstripe

I really liked this look, especially the black I used in the outer corner and the fact that I managed to blend it nicely...or so I thought.

You couldn't tell IRL though so it's all good and the actual shade of green is perfect for my brown eyes..AND I managed to apply the right amount of shadow under my eye.  I added some liquid eyeliner just in case anyone got too close.


  1. That is indeed a gorgeous green on you. What is it?

    Did you manage to find your nude eyeshadow?

    Thanks for the scrub rec - I'll definitely go for it when my Origins one runs out! x

  2. You know the Sleek Original paleete? It's the two greens on the right hand side of the upper row. I had to really blend it to make it look like one colour.

    Naz: I didn't get a chance to find it but I'm going to have a proper look this week so will keep you updated. The Sanctuary scrub is really good, it's like the Origins one but without the "mire" that gets left behind.

  3. i absolutely love those greens!


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