Thursday, 12 August 2010

EOTD: When mint eyeshadow goes wrong

This is what happens:
The plan was to have black in the crease but it didn't work out so I just blended it across.  However, now that I look at it, I quite like the way it looks going from white to grey to black.  IT'S STILL MEANT TO BE MINT THOUGH!

On a side note, I WISH my skin looked this good naturally.  I was editing the photo to get the true colour to come out but it didn't work and I can't figure out what I pressed to get my skin looking so brilliant.

Anyway, here's what I used:
The last time I used the mint, I couldn't even see it which is why this time I used a base, hoping it would come out minty but the eyeshadow came out white.  I also realise you can't see the brushes properly, apologies!  If you want to see them properly and read my review on them, click here.

The shades I used:
The highlighter (on the left of the lid colour) is an excellent dupe for the No7 highlighter (link courtesy of Jen) that everyone went crazy over, I use it a sparingly because I know I won't be finding the same colour in a hurry.

There's no "how to" guide here because this went wrong and I assume you don't really want to know that.

I love the black in the Stila palette because it's perfect for blending out, it's not too harsh and it has the perfect amount of sparkles in it.
See, ain't it handsome?

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