Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Makeup envy/inspiration

Do you ever watch TV, see someone's makeup and think "Wow! That looks amazing, I must copy it!" ?

I know I sure as hell do but it's the eyes of one person that get this attention from me.

The person isn't the first that would spring to mind when you think of makeup envy but week after week I am amazed and impressed when I see the looks she is carrying off.

This is the person in question:
Yes, I'm fully aware that Kelly Maguire is a fictional character but the makeup that she wears in Shameless gets my attention week after week and I'm always wondering out loud how they manage to make her look so brilliant.

That pic doesn't really show some of her more adventurous looks but if you watch her on Youtube, you will see what I'm on about.

Her makeup is always loud but immaculately applied and I love it! I'm always trying to figure out the makeup artists manage to apply so much colour but then make it work..I suppose if that's what you've trained in, you're bound to make it look good?

My favourite thing about her makeup is how she manages to look SO different week in and week out.  They show her with her "fresh out of bed" face of makeup on and she looks like a totally different person when she's got her working girl face on.

I couldn't do a post about a character from Shameless without mentioning my all time favourite character, Mr Mickey Maguire..
His bop is what cracks me up most of all, he walks like a proper wideboy.

Am I the only one who has makeup envy ? Tell me I'm not alone!


  1. I love some of Kelly's looks too! & Mickey is also my fave Shameless character.

    I miss Shameless :-( lol!


  2. Hahaha I agree! I think she looks fab with a red lip - it really suits her!

    Mickey Maguire is my favourite character too - I'm also guilty of fancying him a little. I wouldn't kick him out of bed in the morning put it that way! ;) lol. x


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