Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Swatch Files: Smashbox Quad in Electric

I only realised this when I started blogging but I seem to have only eyeshadow palettes.  I think I have four single eyeshadows..

And..there's extra rambling here as I feel this is a gem of a product which is not too well known..
This is another quad which I use a lot, something you wouldn't know unless you saw how grubby the packaging has become.

It looks like quite an odd/unassuming colour combo but the next photo illustrates why it gets so much use.

It was really difficult to photograph how sparkly the green shadow is and how flat the brown shadow is.  The brown is the flattest, mattest shadow I have ever come across..but it's still a very rich brown, if you can get something like that?  It reminds me of cocoa powder.

Look how sparkly number 2 is!
Ain't it handsome?

It's not often that I personally find so many different eyeshadow finishes in one premade palette.

Here's what I use the shadows for:
  • Shade 1: I use this as a higlight or as a base for goldeny shadows as it has a very minute sparkle which comes through perfectly.
  • Shade 2: This is a shadow and a powder liner.  That's the official Smashbox line, it's not something I decided to do myself.  It works brilliantly as both.  My eyes are brown so I use this as an eyelid shadow, a crease colour and a liner (both on my waterline and my upper lashline).  It's the perfect shade of green to bring out dark brown eyes.
  • Shade 3: This too, is a shadow and a liner.  I've only used it as a liner though and it, too, brings out brown eyes.
  • Shade 4: Alright (she types with a pained expression on her face) if used with a light hand.  I'm not the biggest fan of the shadow known as number 4 as it makes me look like this guy, which ain't a good look.


  1. love the blue one! so pretty :)

  2. That green eyeshadow looks gorgeous! x

  3. Wow the pigmentation is amazing! Number 2 is gorgeous!


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