Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Scrub A Dub Dub, Three Men in a Tub..

Heh..I wish! Though I don't think women get off on gay men as much as men do on they? The thought of two women is normally enough to send guys off into Bonerville but I don't think women get the same happiness from envisioning two men, I might be wrong..

Anyway, scrubs.  I love them.  The skin on my body has turned from normal to dry recently and it annoys me because it practically happened overnight.

I'm lazy so I try to find scrubs which promise moisturisation.  My HG scrub is by Origins but I use it very quickly and it's not cheap.  I'm always on the lookout for a nice scrub and I think I've finally found my favourite:

The Sanctuary Kyphi Nourishing Hot Sugar Scrub.
I can't remember when I bought this item but I do know that I have two of them. 

I have to say that the scrubs by The Sanctuary make me laugh..I've used three of them so far, two were warming and one was not.  The first was in a squeezy tube and was too gentle for me.  The second was in a tub and looked like clay. I used to use it in the shower and when I'd finished showering, it looked like I had messed myself in the shower which isn't the look you really want.  When I wash this one off me, it looks like I'm bathing in piss...I know, you read the blog for the makeupy stuff but you stay for the class.
It does nourish very well.  It cleaned my skin up a treat and smoothed it out, too.  I like the fact it says hot and not warming because it is hot.  You might have to turn down the heat of the water in the shower, I did that and I found it helped with the heat the scrub gave.

This scrub is perfect for getting your skin "summer ready".  It may be hot but it works far better than a lot of the scrubs which don't warm up on contact.

It's quite milky and liquidy looking for an exfoliator..however, it has differing sizes of exfoliant in it which is something that I never paid any mind to before but now I think about it, it's perfect.
I LOVE this and it really is worth the £12.99 price tag.  It works for my dry skin so I imagine it working just as well on more normal skin.  I've used it a fair bit before I took the photo of the tub and to all intents and purposes, it still looks full.


  1. I really want this scrub now! My skin has also become dry overnight, so annoying! I've been piling on the baby oil but nothing seems to be working, so I'm going to go buy this tomorrow! I love Sanctuary stuff, it smells so good!X

  2. I've never tried a warming product before, the idea scares me to be honest! Does this have the classic Sanctuary scent?
    And you are so hilarious! Ewww pee coloured scrub!

  3. Hi, sounds like a pretty good scrub, I always seem to go for Philosophys Amazing Grace Scrub around £20. Its really good and smells delish!!! You should try it. Also make my own, with Brown Sugar and Olive Oil- this is super moisturising but beware- its tend to make the bath/shower a little slippy.

  4. Kimberley: £20 for a scrub seems a bit costly but if it works, it's never too much! I did try my own but I cut my skin to ribbons because I think I used too much salt and not enough sugar or olive oil.

    Lillian: It's a sight to see I tell you, the other one was no better..especially when it was splashed on the walls. It doesn't have the scent (I know exactly what you mean!), I can't describe how it smells..just warm?

    MyFrostedWorld: If it's gone dry, try to body brush it, that always helps me get the dry skin off, exfoliate and then moisturise when your skin is DRY after showering.


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