Saturday, 24 July 2010

My Summer Face Essentials

It's hot..hotter than we are used to in England.

I have normal/combo skin which means that heat and me don't mix.

This is what I'm using to keep my skin from looking a hot greasy mess and it's working brilliantly.
Surprised that you don't see a primer? So was I.

I used a primer when I went to the Body Shop bloggers event and it really highlighted dry patches that I didn't know I had.  Since that day, I've just been using my foundation alone and it's served me well.

The toner is one of my saving graces, I just whack it on..wait for it dry, put my moisturiser on, let it sink in and then apply my foundation.  It stays put all day, doesn't apply in a streaky manner and gives me a dewy finish without making me greasy.  The eye roll on is there simply to provide extra moisture as the air conditioning at work has a habit of drying my eyes out.


  1. great post i see u are stil lovin skin tonic which keeps reminding me i need to do a blogpost on sumat i keep goin on about, im so ditsy at times, oh air con can be a killer!

  2. I must try this complexion enhancer! I'm seeing it a lot in reviews... is it worth the price?

  3. I NEED more of that toner! I can't believe they've discontinued it. I'm going to have to trawl all the Boots near me!
    I can't stand the hot weather.

  4. hmm nice one girl. Keep it simples in the summer


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