Monday, 29 March 2010


This little beauty:
It's a travel size brush but it's the same size as my No7 brushes and I like this size, it's perfect for putting in makeup bags and it gives you the right amount of control as you don't have to hold the mirror too far away so you can see what you're doing.

You're meant to use this brush to pack on the colour and then use another brush to blend but I find that you can do a fair bit of blending with this but to get "proper" results, you do need a blender brush. The one "issue" I had was that I needed to make sure that I'd blended the colour a bit with this brush before using the blender as otherwise it all fell in on itself and I ended up with a massive smudge on my eye.

If I used my other brush, I'd have had to apply colour a million times but with this brush, it's far easier.

Here are a few blending experiments I've done with it, all colours are from the Sleek Original palette:

I'm still a blending noob but I think I'm seeing some serious improvement and it's mainly down to this brush.  I also know that there is a lot of fallout around the eye area, if I was going out with my eyes like that, I would have tidied it up..

What do you guys think? Tell me you're seeing improvement, if only to inflate my ego ;)


  1. I recently bought the Revlon contour shadow brush from Superdrug and I can finally blend! It's really good and Superdrug has £2 off the brushes right now. :)

  2. hey hun, you are defo gettin better at this, i agree with catriona u shud purchase the contour/blending brush by revlon, i have to say its a product rave!!

  3. Thanks ladies, I'll check it out when I'm next in Superdrug. My Boots blender is getting way too soft now.


  4. I see improvement for sure gurlie :) Very nice look!

  5. I'm loving the blue and the purple eye.... especially the purple! I'm always trying to create the perfect purple eye, and always end up looking bruised! You've got it sorted tho! x


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