Saturday, 5 September 2009

Broken brushes and random beauty finds

This post was originally going to be about my brush collection (which consists of 5 brushes at a push, of which I use 3 the most) but the brush I was going to focus my attention on broke last night whilst I was watching Blackadder. I might do a brush review tomorrow as I'm home alone all day.

My first ever "professional" brush for applying makeup was the Ruby and Millie eyeshadow brush (medium) which I got from Boots about four years ago now. It was free with the £5 off voucher and it has lasted me until a few months ago. It started fraying and the experts at Specktra told me to deep condition it, which I did. That prolonged its life for a while. I was using it yesterday and realised it had frayed again so I decided to just condition it again. Cleaned it up and was putting it away when the top fell off.

This is what my brush looked like before:

The tip:

After the damage had been done:

I never let any water get in there so maybe the glue just dried up or something? If the top hadn't frayed as much as it had I would keep it as a travel brush. I think I might try to deep condition it again and then see if it softens a bit.

Next onto the random beauty finds..I LOVE the 17 brand they have in Boots, they have pretty cheap makeup which is fairly decent for the price. If they did powders and foundations in my shade I'd buy them. Sadly, they don't. They always have offers on for freebie if you spend £5. Me and my mum went to Boots yesterday to get her some credit and she needed some powder and 17 is her HG brand for powder. She picked up two and I got this beautiful thing:

It reminds me of a Chanel blush, the case had faux pearls on it and this reminds me of that.

Inside is this array of gorgeousness:
(Finally managed to take a straight on pic with no flash/face in the mirror!)

Close up:
The "stick on the left is the usual shadow applicator, the two colours on the left hand side at the top are the shadows, the colour in the bottom left hand corner is the lipstick and by process of elimination, the bronzer is at the top right hand side. The application brush looks nice, will just have to learn how to use it!


I haven't swatched the colours yet but the photo is pretty accurate as to how they look IRL so hopefully the colour payoff is good. I have one of the pots of dazzle in Midas Touch (discontinued now, booo ) and that has great colour payoff so I hope this is just as good.

Back to the brush quandry, which brush should I move onto? I do have a spare Ruby and Millie one which is unused but I think I may buy the MAC dupe from No7 as I have a voucher again. What do you guys think is a good basic eyeshadow brush? Should I take the plunge and buy the MAC 213, is that the basic MAC eyeshadow brush? I know there are lots but I'd just like one which covers and blends nicely.


  1. I got that 17 palette a few weeks ago.. I haven't even opened it yet (too much makeup anyone?). Actually that's quite bad... A few months ago I would have ripped it open in excitement as soon as I got home.

    Brushes, well I'm really liking that Boots No7 one. I got 2 eyeshadow ones 'cos I bought the Maybelline Ambre Rose everyone's going on about at the same time as the first No7 so got another voucher *and breathe*.

    I wasn't sure which brush it was supposed to be. There was some on a hanger with the other brushes/accessories and then there were other No7 brushes on the bottom shelf of the No7 counters. Both were less than £2 with the £5 off voucher. I REALLY love both of them. SO much so, I'm gonna make sure I get backups before the voucher expires. (I still have one left).

    Go for the No7... they're practically giving it away so it's no loss if you think it's crap anyway :D

  2. I'm the same as you, I thought, no, behave yourself and keep it, I finally ripped the plastic off today because in my defence my other go to shade is practically finished.

    I got both No7 eyeshadow brushes and so far I love them (only used them once though. I paid about £2 for both of them which is a bloody bargain. Boots should keep that offer on all year round but extend it to other things, there's only so much of one brand you can buy.



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