Saturday, 1 August 2009

Nail polish

This time last year I had about 300 bottles of polish. In my defence however, none of them were bought by me. In my family imagination for Xmas presents doesn't run very far when it comes to buying presents for teenage girls. This is explanation enough

Now, I bite my nails..what is a girl to do with that much polish? Let's just say I had the bitchin'est toenails in the whole of west London during my supposed formative years (though I'm sure I'm forming more NOW than I ever did then).
I'm 25 now (eesh!) and only last year did I cary out operation: destash. I find that polishes are a double edged sword, on the one hand they last for years and then on the other hand they never finish. I have polishes from when I was 13 that show no sign of finishing, you can't tell how much I've used or how much is left.

I've just realised that I've never paid full price for nail varnish..I bought a pink Samsung phone last year which came with three free Nails Inc polishes, then I bought a copy of Glamour magazine which came with a free bottle of the same brand (in my defence, I bought it for my mum and she didn't like the shade so I felt it only best I take it for myself) I've finally received my cheapo one from the Nails Inc offer from NoTW.

Speaking of which, I think Nails Inc have been a bit crafty, mine looks like a factory second, it just says Nails Inc on it and there are no fingery hands or anything. I suppose I shouldn't complain, the colour is gorgeous and it was only £1. I did order a bit after the offer came out and so Nails Inc probably got rid of a lot of their "unsellable at full price" polishes that way. I'm not complaining, just thought I'd make a point. Quite a few girls at work ordered polishes too and some have a nice new "full price" looking bottle and the rest have bottles like mine.

I've had this post in draft form for ages because I wanted to take a photo of my polishes but my brother has taken my camera to take photos of his car so I'm waiting around for him to return it.

Now for the picturey bit..

Here's my current stash (you can hardly see it due to the toe torturers I have over them):
Not sure what that murky rainwater colour thinks it's doing, it's a gorgeous "petrol in the puddle" colour usually. There's about 50ish bottles in that small Ikea box.

The Nails Inc colour I got today:
See, no fingery hands, boo!

My old address was 189...


  1. My Mum's China Town didn't have fingery hands either.. my Jermyn Street one did though - odd. You need to get these polishes back in action and show us some NOTDs (and stop biting your nails!)

  2. lol - 300!!! I've just done a post before I came here about how I cant believe how many I have - I have about 40 something. Feel inadequate now!!!

  3. Lipglossiping: Both my freebies didn't have any hands on them, but I think that's the new design as the new season doesn't have the fingery hands.

    GWTGT: It was horrible, I couldn't find anything :( now I've scaled back I only have about 50, plus the two new Nails Inc ones I've ordered from ebay. I saw your polishes and you have a nice variety, I need to get some brighter colours.


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