Monday, 3 August 2009

My first MAC orientated post: MAC Graphic Garden

I've never in my life paid for anything from MAC before, I've been given some products by friends and family in the past but have never really used them as much as MAC-aholics do. I do like them but I don't really reach for them that often. I suppose that would change had I actually gone out and bought shades which I LOVED.

I'm not sure how new/old this collection is to MAC but I do love the stuff I've pasted below.

So, here's what MAC have to say about the collection:

"A modern graphic garden grows like a haute hologram in black-and-white chic. Sleek metal compacts with lenticular Op-Art plaques and kits that trick the eye, delight the senses. Glossy black-and-white Lip bags, indispensable Brush Sets."

Here's what I want from the collection:

Graphic Garden palette:

Graphic Garden palette, which contains the following shades:
  • Social Climber
  • Botanical Blue
  • Straight Hedge
  • Wild Wisteria
  • Linear Lilac
  • Graphic Garden
I've taken an objective look and have realised that I could use all these colours and more importantly, I don't have more than half in my collection. I'd use the black colour for setting liner/smokey eyes, the grey colour as a lid wash, the rest compliment brown eyes and the white-ish one could be used as a highlighter/inner eye brightener. There was another palette which would suit lighter skins as it contained light oranges and peaches but this would work best for me as oranges and peaches look like chalk on my skin most of the time.

Quite the bargain at only £28.50.

Brush sets:

"A black and white patent-finished twill bag (7” x 4.5”) featuring Graphic Garden’s signature rose pattern. Contains a separate zip-up brush holder with five brushes to help shade and define your look: the 129SE, 190SE, 209SE, 219SE and 252SE (All brush sizes are w/ 6.5” x 2.5”)."

I think, THINK I can see the 219 there which I'm told is the HG shadow brush if you just want an overall wash so this is why I'm swayed by this bag over the other one. Plus, the second bag contains an eyeliner brush which I already have in this design and a blusher brush. My blusher brush is from the pound shop but I do use a Kabuki brush generally (which fares slightly better as it is from Boots) so I don't even think I'd need the blusher brush. I'm not sure what that brush on the end does, the skunky looking if anyone knows, do let me know :)

I just realised it's a bit silly me saying I thought I could see the 219 there when the list clearly states it is in there, I did clock it before reading the brush numbers, honest Miss!

"A black and white patent-finished twill bag (7” x 4.5”) featuring Graphic Garden’s signature poppy pattern. Contains a separate zip-up brush holder with five brushes specially selected to help shape and perfect your look: the 168SE, 187SE, 194SE, 212SE and 275SE (All brush sizes are w/ 6.5” x 2.5”)."

OK, two became three but in my defence I need to choose between which brush set is best for someone who already has a foundation brush, a lip brush, three eyeliner brushes and a basic eye shadow brush..none of which are MAC.

Both brush sets retail at £39.50

This is where you lovely readers come in, which collection would you suggest for someone who mainly wears eyeshadow, blusher and foundation? I'm leaning towards the first one but the two brushes at the top scare me..Also, are these brushes full size or a smaller size?


  1. I was gonna buy a brush set, but read that the quality of the sets aren't comparable to the individual brushes as they're mass produced whereas the individual ones are all handmade. As for the palette, 'tis gorgeous.

  2. I have heard that as well so I think I will hold out a bit longer as I think I've breathed some life into my Ruby and Millie brush as it is applying my eyeshadow very recently, I don't think my skills have improved or anything.

    I'm going to go swatch mad this weekend and test the palette out at the MAC counter :)


  3. I can see why you'd love that pallete! It's gorgeous!

  4. I'm wondering which brush set to get as well. The second has the famous 187 brush but the other one seems more basic which I need.

  5. I really want BOTH brush sets, but I prefer the first ones case.

  6. Princess Pinkcat: The shades in it are gorgeous, they'd be better suited to my skin than the other palette :)

    Neko: I've heard through many people that the brush sets aren't worth it, I want to get the 187 too as it's good for liquid foundation, I might get a dupe from Crown brushes.

    Burlesque Show Beauty: The designs on the website look really nice, the palette design is kinda 3D looking. Must make a trip to the CCO soon.

    Thanks for commenting



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