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Review: Clearasil Stayclear Pore Cleansing Pads and Boots Time Delay Cleansing Balm


Boots have recently opened up a new store near where my parents live and as I am visiting them this week I've been going shopping with my mum quite a bit. This Boots is just a "chemist" Boots but it has a small section of makeup I call it a travel Boots. It has two racks of clearance stuff and recently I have bought the following from there:

  • Boots Time Delay Cleansing Balm x 3
  • Clearasil exfoliator pads x 2
My mum has also bought some shampoo from there and I'm quite liking the fact that they have this constant clearance section as I get to pick up bargains. The guy who worked there said that they would keep the clearance section until they found out what kinda products people in the local area bought and then just order those in.

Anyway, this post is about the Clearasil exfoliator pads and the Time Delay balm which are both heavenly!

Both products:
I know you can't really see the name of the Boots product so I'll tell you what it's called, it's Boots Daily Radiance Balm.

I used to use Clearasil when I was younger and had horrible spots and it has always been good to me. Bitter experience has taught me that when you see something on clearance grab as many of them as you can because you can always return them. Anyway, my skin has been really really greasy recently despite me having trying to take a lot of oil out and so I thought I'd give these pads a try.

They come in a tub and are quite "watery" and have little bumps in them which is the exfoliating part of the deal. There are 65 pads per tub and each tub retails at about £3.50 but I got mine on clearance for 97p. Anyway, I used one pad last night and they were really really good, the bumps exfoliated and made my skin soft and the watery part cleaned my skin. I am so glad I bought these as they are one of the first things like this that actually clean my skin and don't dry it out totally.

I'd recommend these to anyone with skin which tends to grease up during the summer and people who occassionally have spot outbreaks. I didn't think that a product aimed at teenagers would work so well on my skin but I'm totally amazed at how good it has been :)

Boots Time Delay
This is apparently a dupe of a Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I've also heard it's a copy of an Eve Lom product. As my only foray into higher end face care was Clinique, I can't be sure which of the two claims is correct.

This product is a waxy kinda balm, kinda like vaseline. The product comes with two muslin cloths and what you do is put the balm on your face, leave it for a few minutes, soak the muslin cloth in warm water and press it over your face so as to take the balm off. Then you wash the rest of the balm off and clean the cloth, soak it in cold water (I actually wrote wet water first..) and then apply it to your face.

The first time I used this it made my skin really really dry so I thought I wouldn't use it ever again. Come the next day I put my moisturiser on as per usual and then got on the baking tube. Got off at the other side to apply my Stay Matte powder and saw that my skin was looking well moisturised and not greasy at all which was great but I've had cleansers in the past which have duped me like this so I didn't use it again and went on the tube the next day, lovely skin again.

Since then I have been using it once a week and it gives me lovely skin all week which is great, SUPER cost effective at the price I paid and I don't have to use it every day!

Oh hell yes, it's my HG cleanser at the moment and I don't think (well I hope) that Boots aren't discontinuing it as I have seen it in full price at larger Boots.

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