Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hitting pan

I have to say that this is the most satisfying feeling about buying makeup..the fact that the end is near and that you will indeed be repurchasing this product.

The only product I have hit pan on to date is my YSL Palette Pop tester which is very very very full for a tester, I've been using it non stop daily since last May and only now is there a little bit of pan showing but I'm very impressed and will deffo be buying the full product as at £19 from a website and lasting longer than a year it is a grat investment. I think I'm finally understanding why people spend money on higher brands of make up..I've had a YSL lipgloss for a year and I use that all the time and that's nowhere near finishing but I know that I will get there eventually..

I don't know why I get so satisfied from seeing that a makeup product is nearly finished, I've gone through so many moisturisers, shampoos, makeup remover wipes etc.. through the years but have never really been that excited about it.

Here are my current pan hitters:

The YSL:
The one which is sold as a proper piece and is not a tester says "LOVE" down the right hand side of the brown flower so hopefully it works just as well as I will buy this again, if a tester can last this long then the other must last flipping ages as I assume they are different sizes.

Here's the back so you know it's official:

The Dr Feelgood which has sadly turned to mush :( :

So my question to you ladies is, what was the first product you ever hit pan on and did you repurchase? If you dislike a product do you carry on using it until it's finished or do you chuck it to the back of your cupboard? I find some way to use it up because I hate waste


  1. The first product that I ever hit pan on was a MAC Blot powder. This powder is a staple for me and I've repurchased it time and time again.

  2. Snaps! I think mine was MAC Blot powder too :) An oldie but a goodie, for sure.

    As for using up things I don't like, I must confess I have a ton of product I don't use (bad, bad, bad..). I have a reasonable-sized collection and only use maybe 10% of it on a regular basis. I normally do a clean out every few months and either bin things or pass them on to my sisters.

  3. yay! hitting pan is so refreshing! makes me feel like I didnt waste money... If i dont like a product i try and make it work a couple times but then I stop using it... i have to much makeup to use what i dont like. I think the first item i hit pan on was mac shroom eyeshadow. i have had to rebuy it quite a few times...

  4. Thanks for replying ladies :)

    Naomi: My mum uses a MAC powder and she goes through that really really fast but then she does that with all thepwoders she uses.

    Anita: I'm the same with products like that, I used to buy them when they were on cheap and never got to use them so I'm now either selling them or giving them to the charity shop and getting together a staple collection of stuff I use.

    Sara: It's strange how good it feels, I practically yelped when I saw pan despite it only being a teensy bit, it looks mammoth to me. I've also realised that I've hit significant pan on my Dr Feelgood and two Vaseline pots but that's not the same. I'm going to finish the Vaseline pots before I buy anymore eye makeup remover pads. I've never ever hit pan on eyeshadow but then I'm really new to makeup so this has been the first month that I've worn it everyday.


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