Thursday, 28 May 2009

L'oreal are fast becoming my brand of the moment

I realised today how easy it is to condition me, the man swears that if Pavlov had used me instead of dogs his experiment would be over in a week.

I'm sure everyone remembers when Givenchy came out with the "toilet brush" mascara, I mean this beauty here:

Well I didn't buy it because it looked really clumpsome in photos and God knows I don't get on with conventional mascaras so I didn't really want to rush out and buy it.

I heard rumours that there was going to be a cheaper version out and still I paid no attention, then I saw an ad for the cheaper version twice in the space of one night. This was last night. Today at about half three I purchased said mascara and will be reviewing it very soon, I hope it's actually decent as it was still quite pricy for a High Street one, it was £8.80 but it had £2 off. Apparently it's not out in America yet which is surprising because we usually have to wait quite a while after America has stuff..unless we're being used as mascara guinea pigs!

Also, I've just seen this on the L'oreal website and I swore I'd been redirected to the MUFE website but it appears that a High Street branch has jumped on the primer bandwagon (and I am so grateful!) so I can't wait until these babies come out, I will be snapping up the apricot primer seeing as my YSL one can't be found for love nor money, here's the link to what they have..

I cannot WAIT to try everything in this range!

ETA on the L'oreal mascara is either tonight or tomorrow :)


  1. Oooh I like the new primer! I need the anti-redness one and recently found an $8AUS one which is really good but still yet to decide whether it's actually a good product or not.

  2. Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply, I never saw this reply before!

    That is really cheap, they all retail for more than £9 in the UK, not fair!



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