Monday, 7 May 2012

The Monday Night Mash-Up

I know today is a Monday but due to it being a Bank Holiday in the UK, it feels more like a Sunday, hence this being the Monday Night Mash-Up.

Like many bloggers, I don't tend to write these posts all in one go..the main reason for this is that I just don't have the time.  I usually type it up as the week goes on and my excitements and annoyances come out.

The past two weeks have been a steep learning curve for me workwise.  I always knew that no matter how well prepared you are, the defence/prosecution can always throw you..but this defence team that we are working with are a right bunch of 'see you next Tuesdays'.  They know their client is guilty and are making us jump through hoops but the evidence will speak for itself.

Anyway, the excitements and annoyances over the past two weeks have been as follows..

  • MY BIRTHDAY!!!  Yes, the last SNSD you read was written by a carefree 27 year old and this one comes from a worldy 28 year old.  That last sentence could possibly be the biggest pile of bollocks you will ever read on here.  I was not carefree at 27 and I am nowhere near to being worldy now.
  • PRESENTS!! Naturally flowing from the first thing of course.  I have been enamoured with a particular Hermes purse and scarf for a fair while now and that is what my BBT (bare buff ting) of a husband got me for my birthday.  I nearly wet myself when I saw the orange box..
  • Finally being told that I can have both the Olympic weeks off - I work in Canary Wharf which will be a nightmare come the Olympics..we had to put our holiday requests in three months ago and I am one of 3 people who are able to have both weeks off.  I'm already planning my holidays, despite not having a passport..but don't worry!  I've got myself the renewal form and I am all about getting my eyebrows threaded so I can have a decent photo on my passport.  I have to get it signed by someone though becuase I look totally different now to how I did when I was 16.
  • Harrods - I have not been to this place since I was about 11.  I just prefer Selfridges to Harrods which is strange because I think Harrods as a building inside is more 'true to how it was in the olden days' compared to Selfridges and people who read this blog and know me will know I am all about the old school.  Plus, I can just get the Jubilee line from my flat to Bond Street!  I went today as my brother has bought a flat about 5 minutes away and I wanted to have a quick look at some work shoes.  I didn't get any work shoes but I did pick up a navy Marc Jacobs purse.
  • UGGS - I had a pair but gave them to my grandmother after she had knee surgery.  I had been in heels all week last week and my feet were seriously killing me so I went out and bought some tall brown Uggs on the way home and my feet were in heaven all the way from Bond Street to London Bridge.
  • Losing weight - I'm at the stage now where clothes that were tight are fitting me.  I remember I used to have a lemon coloured lace dress that I couldnt get the zip done on it and now I can't find where it has run off to!  Does that happen to anyone else?  I know I have a lot of stuff but I have some sort of idea where everything is but I just can't remember where this dress could possibly be! 
  • A husband - I was saying on Twitter the other day that I still can't believe I have a husband..when people asked about my husband, I still give them a blank stare but the man is a leg-end.
  • Indian tea - This will forever be in my excitements list, nothing is as comforting on a warm day as a massive cup of boiling hot Indian tea
  • Purple eyeliner - I've been showing this a lot of love recently, either the GOSH long-lasting one or a pencil one just run through my lashline
  • Spending more time with mi familia - I have spent a lot of time with my family these past two weeks and I have personally had a whale of a time..I don't know if I can say the same for them.. It has been nice not having to worry about cooking stuff when I get back home and it's also been nice annoying my parents and brothers like I used to before I got married.  Plus, they live in leafy Surrey so it's nice to get away from the concrete jungle where I live.  It would have been more enjoyable had we had any sun! 
  • Midget Gems - I saw these on offer in Tesco and picked them up and I have fallen in love with them.  They're really hard and chewing them is a chore but for someone who loves toffee, this are brilliant.

  • Annoying people on the trains - I will say no more about this! 
  • The rain - Anyone who lives in London will know what I mean about this.  It has rained constantly since my birthday.  It's so annoying because it's not like you get a bit wet on the way from the station to the office.  No no, you get soaked in the morning, at lunch AND on the way to the station at home-time.  I'm in court at the moment and even if you take a cab, you have to walk the long way round and you get wet again.  The worst thing about it all is that by the time you've got your umbrella out, you're in the office so it's pointless!  
  • Returns - I have made far too many returns in the past few weeks and from now on I'm making a strict 'buy everything with cash' policy because then Simon can return stuff for me! 
  • Tragus piercing - Plans to fit this in are NOT going well, neither are my plans for getting a haircut!

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