Sunday, 15 January 2012

New things from The Body Shop

I got a surprise parcel from The Body Shop the other day, a parcel that Simon only told me about at about half eleven.  I'm sure that there is grounds enough to bring an action for negligence..

The cardboard box itself was a lovely near midnight olfactory treat and the new products were also rather nice.

A bar of chocolate was also included and until last night, I had never tried chocolate that I didn't like.  This one was the worst I have ever eaten.  It was dark chocolate (never a win in my book) but the combination of dark chocolate and ginger just made it taste like it was medicinal.  Can you imagine a chocolate that made you better? And was prescribed on the NHS?  That'd cure depression a treat!

I gave th bar of chocolate to my dad who loves it.  But he's the kind of person who is happy with a tub of Liquorice Allsorts so take from that what you will.

Anyway, enough yapping! Here's what was in the magic box..
Heart shaped chocolate smelling exfoliant soap, what isn't to love?!

I've opened only the chocolate lipbalm and it smells absolutely gorgeous, I'm definitely going to use it, even though it comes in pot form..

I really want to get the Pomegranate balm..even moreso after reading this about it..
If that isn't me in a sentence then I don't know what is!

Instead, I got plum..

And check the colour of my new ostentatious bedsheets, yeah, you know my bedsheet swag is on point!
I used to think that the lipbalms were expensive but the sticks are £3.50 and the tubs are only £2.00 which isn't bad at all!  I can't find the range on the website yet, which is understandable as these are new things but they should be hitting shelves and stores next month!


  1. The chocolate lip butter sounds heavenly!

  2. I've seriously hit pan on my Spiced Vanilla lip balm so I'm allowing myself to get one of these when they come out. Sounds yummy! :)

  3. I like the new funky packaging for the born lippy lipbalms! and will definitely be trying out the ones in stick form when they come out =)
    (even though I have way too many lipbalms currently in my possesion!)


  4. The chocolate lip butter and exfoliating soap sound amazing! Chocolates always a winner!


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