Thursday, 21 April 2011

EOTD: Curiosity conserved this cat..

I recently went to two pre-wedding parties during one week.  The first party had a dress code which I think is very odd; not only for a pre-wedding party but also for desis.  How long has that been going on? The dress code was mute, nude colours which angered me. 

As the outfits were to be simple, I went all out on the eyes and came out with this.

This alone would be fine for a standard night out on the piss but as it was a desi affair, I wanted something a bit more wow-y and so I did what most desis do and added some sona (gold!)
This one was taken at the end of the night, hence some smudges and what have you. 

I applied Benefit's Gilded to my ELF smudge brush and stroked it across my lash line.  It took a fair while but I think it was worth it.  Left an impression on my hand though..

The products I used were simple..
A lot has been made of the MUA range from Superdrug but I definitely have no complaints about it.  My mum loves their face powder (it's the only one she has repurchased which is saying something) and I am more than impressed than the range of colours they have for both eyeshadows and eyeliners.  I can't remember the name or number of the shade I have but you can recognise it straight away when you see it, it's the black with a verrrrrry slight shimmer.  It's very pigmented and blending is a dream.  You can't ask for much more when you're only parting with £1. 

Re. the mascara, I'm lying about using it.  You can clearly tell I've not got any mascara on but for some reason I thought I did wear it? Anyway, it's brilliant, buy it!

And the dress code backfired on the bride to be.  She wanted all eyes to be on her and her turquoise outfit.  She should have known better than to tell desis what to do.  Half the aunties there wore what the hell they wanted to and she wasn't happy!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! It's so glam love it!

    Amazing blog - Following you :)


  2. I love the shape of your shadow here - so precise, I always end up making a mess when I try to do make up like this (which is why I profess to like the scruff!) x

  3. Love the cat eye. It's so perfect and straight! Lol @ the bride to be, I never once considered it was because she wanted to stand out over everyone else.

  4. fashionismyh20: Thanks!

    Nicola: I LOVE the way you do your liner you wally!

    Tass: Never try to figure out the thinking of a Punjabi bride.. She was well pissed off but that's what you get for being super picky!

    The only way I got the line so smooth was by using the ELF smokey eye brush from the Mineral Bamboo range, trust me, that brush is BRILLIANT!

  5. Love the look! Will definitely check out the ELF brush you mentioned above.

    I can't stop giggling about the bride for some reason! It's mean of me, but really, you're the bride, everyone checks you out anyway!

  6. Nazia @MascaraMagic: Thanks! The brush is really good, I've washed it a fair few times and the bristles are still as shaped as they were when I first got it.

    The bride in question always thought she was something special. The funny thing is, had she not had the dresscode, she'd have been fine!


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