Monday, 4 October 2010

Shahnaz Husain skincare

I was never going to even mention these on here until me and Halima started discussing them on Twitter.

Two out of the three were still in working condition, the third looked like this:
I told Simon about this and for some unfathomable reason, he didn't care.

I have used the Walnut Face and Body Scrub a fair few times and I think it's review worthy now..
It says it is a body and face scrub, I can't see it being very economical if used as a body scrub.  My body scrubs and their gargantuan tubs would laugh this tiddler all the way out of the bathroom.

I have combination skin (oily in the t zone, normal everywhere else) and getting a good facial scrub can be difficult.  You want a difference but you don't want over-stripping so your skin goes on a sebum producing frenzy.

This smells like lemons, not synthetic lemons, not lemons in a cheesecake but lemons like they squeeze on your rice in an Indian restaurant..which is something Indians never do at home.  It's a nice smell but all I have in the back of my head is "rice, rice, rice".

It fared very well on my face, I put a little bit on and smoothed it out, it spread very well over my face and allowed me to exfoliate in the way that I think is proper.  It was creamy, but not overly so.

The best thing about it was the fact that washing it off was easy.  A lot of the time I find that creamy scrubs are hard to properly wash off your face without getting a tiny bit annoyed.  This washed off brilliantly with no extra effort at all.

Every time I use it, I notice that my skin looks cleaner and my pores are clean.  It doesn't make me even oilier than when I started out and it makes my skin soft.  It also makes my hands soft which is something a facial scrub has never done before.

I don't know how much it retails for in the UK but I have seen it sold in some Tescos and it is definitely available in the Indian shops.  If you can't find one and want to try it, let me know and I'll be able to pick you one up, no trouble!

I currently only have a microdermabrasion scrub for my face so I'm going to buy the Shahnaz one and use them in conjunction, that's what I've been doing so far and my skin has really perked up.

Then we have this..
This is a Skin Nourishing Treatment.  I would only use this in the winter as when I used it during the summer, it made me oily.

I don't know how I feel about this.  It's a solidy "treatment" which has difficulty transforming into liquid when it's rubbed on your face.

I followed the directions and then decided to take it off with a muslin cloth.

It made my skin feel really soft..then ten minutes later it was really hot.  That passed and it went back to normal.

This didn't really do much for my skin so I'll give it a miss.

Thus, in conclusion..scrub - good, skin nourishing treatment - not impressed.


  1. Ahh ta for the review, lovey!

    I've never seen these in Tescos, nor in any Asian stores, hmmm, schucks.

    Not tried Shascrub, but I tried the facial scrub by her called Shagrain? Which was pretty good, really helped with blackheads.

    Also tried Shalife which made me break out, but I was like around 16when I tried that.


  2. I've never seen these in Tesco or Indian stores here but I did buy these products when I last went to India. They are okay, but didn't really do much for my skin. I think the scrub was probably the best out of the three, but I wouldn't repurchase.

  3. DesignerSpray: No probs! I think I have had a facial with the Shagrain before, can't remember how well it worked because I was in India and it was soooo hot.

    Meeta: I am loving the scrub at the moment and I will surely buy another tub. It depends on your skin type though, my mum has normal skin and it didn't do anything for her.

  4. I have tried nearly all the shahnaz products. The shamask was the best. I put it on the first time and it really stung. It brought to the surface all the trapped I was really broke out but I put on her pimple cream which hurt too...but it was worth it because now my skin is perfectly clear and soft. I was afraid at first because I was so broke out for a few days but it was necessary. now that my face is clear I did the mask again and it did not sting at all. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better and you have to try it out more than once. Shamask. Try it.


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