Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Products I regret buying

It's not often that I make a mistake (read: it's not often that I admit to making a mistake) but I had no choice with these products.

I've stolen this directly from Charlotte.

I've tried time and time again to make them work but they were having none of it.

I've gone for a different style or post today as I wanted to keep words to a minimum (as you can see, it's worked out well for the post so far, I've said next to nothing and already used up more than 50 words).

The following products illicit this reaction from me..
What are your makeup purchasing regrets?  Doesn't it just annoy you when products don't work? I do like to think that some effort goes into making these products but by the looks of the bunch I've written articulately about(!) it looks as if I may be wrong!


  1. I've an almost full bottle of the Tresemme dry shampoo foamy stuff. Used it once and was so disappointed with its epic failure it just got shoved at the back of my shelf. As it cost a fair few quid I can't bring myself to chuck it and keep trying to palm it onto various people, with no luck!

    Also Palmers coco butter lip balm stick. Somehow managed to make my lips drier and all scabby - hmm, nice!

  2. Im really suprised you regret buying the no7 smokey eyeliner brush. i absolutely love mine.

    maybe try the Gosh Round Eye Shadow Brush. I think this is the best dupe for the MAC 219. its only 7 pounds i think too.

  3. I love the Boots cleansing milk :( It removes every trace of my makeup! But I guess everyone would not like it as much.

  4. oh deary me, where do iiii startttt LOL i did a video like this ages, maybe its time for another one - fabulous post, ur posts are always entertaining and insightful at the same time x

  5. HAHA I love family guy! I have no beauty regrets at present but well soon see as Im testing out a couple of things

  6. Almay Pure Blends lip gloss. I bought it at the dollar store, so I shouldn't regret it that much since it was so cheap, right? Yeah but I bought all the shades they had, so it's really $5 I'm out. No, it's not a lot, but it's enough to annoy me and kick myself for not buying one and trying it first before I bought the others. This stuff smells like wood, only more disgusting, maybe rotten wood. It also separates, so you get this clear gooey oil when you squeeze the tube before you get any color. It is moisturizing, but it just smells so horrible that you don't care, and just want it off. I did try to wear it, hoping that the smell eventually dissipates, but it didn't. When I wiped it off, my lips were nice and smooth, like a lip conditioner or balm. But that smell! and that gross gooey oil!

  7. Bumble: I do the same, palm off products that don't work for me..in my family we are always trading beauty things around and someone always makes it work. I thought Palmers cocoa butter would be perfect for my skin, it wasn't as hydrating as I thought but the smell was gorgeous. I have never tried the balms, had my eye on the mint and chocolate one for a while.

    Nilufar Ali: I really didn't like it, it was just a bit odd, good thing I paid for it with my Boots voucher. I'm going to try the GOSH one, thanks! How are you getting on with the shadows?

    Shifa: If you want it, it's yours. Email me your address or something and I'll send you it, I've only used it about twice.

    Amina: Awww, thanks! I'm going to hunt that video out today because I need to stop making silly mistakes.

    Imo: I love it too! And you are lucky, you must be the only person I know who doesn't regret something they have bought..you lucky cow!

    Donna: I think it's the principle of the thing. You paid for it, so it should work! I had the gooey oil thing with a Maybelline gloss which I think I might have kept a bit longer than I should. I have an hand scrub which works brilliantly but smells like I have been taking a dump in my hands..NOT NICE!

  8. LOL that Fcuk product sounds great :P

    I really regret buying Kryolan's eye primer, it was really awful. It separates in the tube, and then when you mix it back up you can't blend it or it starts to scrape/roll off in little balls.

    I also dislike a Private Label Eye Fix primer I bought, because it takes so much effort to make it not crease. I have to pat it in and apply the tiniest amount =/

    Ew and Ben Nye's Iced Gold Lumiere shadow is awful. Idk if the one in the palette is any better, but the single shadow I have is chunky as fuck


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