Sunday, 10 October 2010

EOTD: Quality Street

I was adamant to get the best pigmentation from this look so I took a belt and braces approach by doing the following:

This is what I used to creat the look:

This is the final look:

I love how vibrant the purple and green came out, I was spoilt for choice re. which colours to use as they are all really nice but this colour combo was my favourite.  I've only really seen EOTD's where people use a dark colour in the crease and a lighter/brighter colour on the lid..I wanted to try it the other way and I think it went ok.

For those of you don't know why I called this look what I did, this is why.


  1. Amazing, sweetheart!
    I love the fresh and neat look, definitely something to go for this season!

  2. Ooooh I like this!!! I haven't used eye shadow properly for ages!! xx

  3. Ooh that looks lovely! I'd never think of using the lighter colour in the crease, but it looks so good!

    I did a purple/green look recently, but boringly used green on my top lid and purple on the bottom. Yours looks way better! Almost iridescent, like peacock feathers or petrol on water, both of which are effects I'm obsessed with! x

  4. I've never tried using a lighter colour in the crease. This looks wicked! I'll be trying this out for sure! xx

  5. Yes I laughed out loud when I saw where that link went. Here I thought Quality Street was about class, high class to be precise. Instead you named your look for sweets! Too funny!

    I love how this turned out too. I would want to try the red and purple together, only because I have never found a red that looks good on me. It usually makes me look like I've been crying or got beat up, bruised. One day I will find the right red or the right way to wear red! Oh and purple only because I like purple. lol


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