Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Barry M Instant Nail Effects

Here's something I bet you haven't come across on any other blog before (!)

I'm not usually the kind of person who gives into blogging hype, you didn't see me rushing out to order the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, you didn't see me rushing out to buy Chanel's Paradoxal and you sure are hell didn't see me rushing out to find myself a bottle of Chanel's Jade nail polish.

But then something comes along that not even I, a girl who bites her nails, can resist.

This is the product in question:

Yes, the Barry M Instant Nail Effects nail polish.  A polish which has taken the blogging world by storm.  I found out about this little marvel either early last week or late the week before.

I didn't want it as soon as I saw it..then I saw Yinka post about, then I saw a million and one other people do the same.

The lust for it grew..and grew.

Normally, the more I see something saturated on blogs, the less I want it.  The opposite happened to me this time.

So, I scoured all the Superdrugs and Boots near me and couldn't find it..

Then I took a trip to Primark in Hounslow. There is also a Primark in Watford which is nearer to where my parents live but my mum prefers the Hounslow one because she knows she can get me to take her to Rockys afterwards.  If you're not from West London, you won't know what Rockys is.  If you are from West London and you don't know what Rockys is, (like my man B.I. says) get to know.

Anyway, there is a Boots near this Primark and it is a little gem of a store.  Whenever something LE comes out and can't be found anywhere, you can bet your bollocks to a barn dance (can you tell I've been watching Snatch?) they'll have it.  They had the Coke nail polishes long after they were released with Coke, they had copious amounts of Barry M's mushroom polish and yesterday, they had about five of these left.

I practically ran into the shop and grasped it as fast as I could.  My mum couldn't understand why I was so enamoured with the bottle, especially when I can't stop biting my nails.

You may also have noticed that I was asking on Twitter about matte black eyeshadows. Well, my plan was to buy the polish, swatch for shadows.  In my excitement to buy the damn thing, I totally forgot about shadow swatching.

I was itching to try it last night but I couldn't because certain people have sensitive noses and complain about "fumes".  So, I rushed home from work today and whacked it on my nail..
Two coats of George @ ASDA Ultra violet and then the Instant Nail Effects gives me what you see above.  The nail in question is currently being grown, hence it's less than stately stature.

When you first apply INE, it turns matte.  After a few hours it has a shine to it and it really comes to life.  Also, in the video on the Barry M site (click here to see it) the polish applies as a full coat of black and then starts to change.  Mine started to change before I'd finished the nail.  That's not a big point in itself but it just shows that you don't have to wait around for ages and wait for it to dry.


  1. You're totally right and feel the same about this hype. Usually I would be saturated about this product but for once, I am loving to see it so much exposure on the beauty blog *and* I can't get enough of it. I love to see how everyone is making their own and that's the true beauty of the product. How gorgeous is this on this cheapy number from asda: really love it. Still preferring the 'gold' one from big fashionista but this one comes just after.

  2. Yay you finally got one! Haha. I like that asda polish xx

  3. Ooooh it looks lovely over that sparkly polish! x

  4. the cracking pattern looks cute!!

  5. Liloo: I've learnt that the brighter dark colours look better under this. My mum was wearing raspberry and it looks a lot nicer on her than it does on this colour.

    Danielle: I was a woman on a mission with it, I was meant to swatch eyeshadows but all that went out the window when I saw this. You should try ASDA polishes, they're really good.

    Karleigh: Jealous, much? I know you are!

    Tackyblueeyeshadow: Thanks :) The polish is really nice, two coats gives you a nice bluey base colour and the glitter is pretty subtle. The photograph of the bottle does it no justice, it's like purple-y blue-y with a light shimmer.

    Jennifer: It is really worth it! If you can get your hands on it, I would..for less than a fiver the results are brilliant.

  6. Ooh it looks great. I'm going to try it next week.

    Also had to comment on Rockys. The Mr is from West London which is the only reason I know about it. Never been there but it must be legendary if EVERYONE in W LDN knows about it and there's a dedicated FB page! xx

  7. Great blog post.. I would love this polish & i hope to buy it soon & wear it for halloween! xx


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