Monday, 30 August 2010

The Swatch Files: YSL Gloss Repulpant Shiny Lip Plumper Shade No2: Glossy Plum

I bought this with a gift voucher about three years ago and it still hasn't finished.  I used it practically every day, until I found that I had lost it after a trip to my parents' house.

I wanted to put it in the Files ages ago but as it was MIA, this proved somewhat difficult.
I love this as it goes on very shiny and then fades to a stain during the day.  It looks like a lipgloss but ha the intensity of a lipstick.  You know when you put lipstick on and then gloss over the top? This little gem does it all in one.
For some reason, it was very hard to photograph, it's not at all patchy and both my lips were in fact the same colour as the top part of my upper lip.

It works very well with my skintone and has a lovely minty smell to it.

It cost me £15 or so but I think the price has gone up a bit now.  I bought it from Selfridges and I have to say that the ladie who work on that concession are always super helpful, regardless of how busy they are, they have never ever been rude or dismissive.


  1. I love how this looks, such a pretty color!

  2. I like this color!!! Really pretty!

  3. Looks srumptious!!! I need to try more YSL make up. I love the mascara. Perhaps this will be my next purchase! xoxo

  4. Minty is good!!

    Such a sublime colour.

  5. Very glossy, looks good on you. Think I might add this to my wish list. x


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