Sunday, 19 September 2010

Discover Aveeno..

A while back I was accepted to be an Aveeno Discoverer, which basically means that they send me stuff and I review it..

Now we have that out of the way, time to give you the rambles that you have all, by now, become desensitised to..

The boxes remind me of the boxes that Harrods ship their ties in.  Simon ordered a few a while back and when these turned up, I assumed he'd ordered more.  When I saw the boxes, the Aveeno part was covered with a letter..hence the confusion.  I can actually read!

This is what I got..times two.
The Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion was a blessing in disguise.  I've mentioned before that my skin went from being normal to being really dry.  I tried so many moisturisers which promised to sort it out lickety split but they wrote cheques they couldn't cash.

I didn't think this would do anything as others hadn't.  How wrong was I.  I used this and it sunk in nice and quickly, was easy to rub in and it didn't have an overpowering smell.  My skin was still soft the next day and I didn't have to reapply which is something I had to do with every other moisturiser I used.  It says "24 hour moisture" but I find that I can skip a day which is brilliant.  I've already finished one tube and am close to finishing the second.  If you have dry skin I would recommend this until the cows came home.

The Hand Cream smells of nothing when it comes out of the tube but as you rub it in, it smells of almond slices but the smell fades quickly.  It feels greasy when you put it on your hands but as you work it in, you feel it melting and the grease vanishing.  I think grease is equated with sticky hands when it comes to handcream and you don't get that here either.  I like it but I like this more but that's only because it smells like sweets and I'm a pig.
The Daily Moisturising Lotion (Lavender) is the one on the left hand side.  I first used this to moisturise my legs after shaving them.  I shaved my legs in the morning of the last Bank Holiday and decided to moisturise when Eastenders finished (half 8!)  My legs stung like mad for at least 15 minutes.  I'm writing this part of this review at 9 p.m on that Bank Holiday so the pain is fresh in my mind.  The stinging fades within 20 minutes and the moisturiser does sink in nicely.  My skin also feels pretty nice and soft.  I'm yet to use it on skin I don't shave.  However, no other moisturiser I have has ever stung me like this has.  I like the smell of this over the Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion but then again, this has been marketed as having a fragrance whereas the others haven't.  Also, it's not as moisturising as the Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion, I had to apply this every day.  If you have super dry skin, buy that instead.

The Daily Moisturising Lotion (no fragrance) did not sting my legs at all which was odd.  Putting my expert detective skills into gear, I realise that the fragrance must be the irritant.

Overall, my favourite is the Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion and I will be using this as my exclusive moisturiser from now on as the search for one which provides me with the moisture I need is off!

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