Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Backup Plan


What do you guys do about them?

When you find something you like/works for you, do you rush out and buy backups or do you try something different?

Bitter experience has taught me that when you see something you like and it's been reduced, pick up two!

That, however, is a double edged sword as my old HG shampoo has stopped producing the goods and I have about 4 bottles left of it to use.  It's a good thing it's a clarifying shampoo because I can use it on my makeup brushes.

Another product which I love and I'm sure is being discontinued is the Skin Tonic. This is why I have three bottles.  Well, I've used one and have 1.5 left to go.
I've never done it for makeup as I don't tend to be taken in by many MAC collections (and they always repromote.  However, when they repromote Full on Lust, I'll be stocking up as it is the only gloss which makes my lips look naturally pink).

What's your backup plan? Do you go out like a woman possessed with the intent to pick up as many of one product as you can or are you more laid back about it?


  1. No backup... ever... I am too volatile and don't happen to be loyal to a particular shade/brand/item...

    The only thing I have in multiples are brushes... because I am too lazy to clean them so I'll use them all up then clean them up together...

  2. I don't buy backups for makeup either. If it's skincare, and I've already tried a lot then if it's good, I'll buy a back up. I absolutely dread it when something I like gets discontinued =(

  3. I only tend to buy backups when things are on offer or limited edition. Are you sure that skin tonic is being discontinued? I love that stuff!

  4. Hi, Yes im exactly the same...if I see something I love then yes I will pick up 2,3 or 4 of the same thing. The thought of running out of something gives me panic attacks! lol

  5. I don't get backups but it has made me think.

    I love Boots skin tonic and wouldn't be happy if it was disconitnued but the range was looking very empty on saturday in my boots.


  6. MartianDelights: Haha @ too volatile, I feel I'm like that with these Skin Tonic bottles as they are glass. Good idea on stocking up on brushes, I hate washing the brushes I currently have so couldn't handle any more!

    ~Lisa: I'm the same and it happens to me a lot which I don't like, why do brands get rid of products that everyone seems to love?

    Lilian: I think it is because first it was on half price, then it was on BOGOF and now I can't see it online at all and it's never in store but the rest of the range is. I wish I had bought four backup because my second bottle is nearly finished. If they have it the next time I go in, I'm going to come out like some weird hoarder lady, clutching a million bottles and laughing maniacally to myself.

    Kimberley: I'm not that bad (thankfully :P) and I love it when I finish a product because it means I can buy more (I'm on a hardcore no buy..which fails practically every week) but I really hope this toner isn't being dc'd.

    BittersweetKindaNew: I was never the hoarder I am now but bitter experience of when I've bought only one of something has taught me to get two. I really hope it's not being dc'd but when you can't see it in store or online, you worry! Well..I did.


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