Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Encounters with Epilators

This instrument of torture was purchased by my dad about 3/4 years ago..I couldn't find it anywhere so I sent Father Bear out on a mission and he found it.

I use it very sporadically.  The last time I used it was January 2008.

I decided this past weekend that it was time to get my skin ready for the summer..this is why he made an appearance.  During the winter months, he lives in the back of a drawer.

The main reason for using it so rarely is the fact that I'm a wimp.  When this thing starts, it makes a crunchy whirring noise which just scares me..then I don't want to put it against my skin because good things come in peace (aliens and the like).

However, once I get it going, it's not that bad. It hurts around my ankles because the skin is thinner there and I find that if you stretch your skin by where you're epilating, it really reduces the pain.

It's important to actually read the instructions and do as it says.  It says to hold it at a right angle against your skin and move it around in small circles.  It hurt me the first time I used it because I used it in the same manner as a razor which pulled the hair from the end and not nearer the tip.

It removes a lot of hair which is something you don't actually realise until you clean it out.  This one also comes with a razor attachment which I haven't used because I prefer old school razors.

The only problem with this one is that the battery depletes itself quite quickly BUT you can use it whilst it charges which is good but the lead might get in the way.

If epilators scare you too because you're a bit worried about them pulling your hair out then panic not! Use them as the instructions say and your legs will be hair free for a lot longer than if you shave.

Does anyone else epilate? I think epilators are a bit like the MiniDisc of hair removal..all set to the biggest thing after razors (Walkman) but then quickly got overlooked by waxing and laser (iPod)..

(I still have my MiniDisc player languishing, funnily enough, in the same drawer as the epilator).


  1. I asked for an epilator for Christmas about 10 years ago. I eventually plucked up the courage to use it after about 6 months (kept getting scared by the noise!), tried it twice and it made my legs bleed both times! There was literally blood pouring out of the new holes in my legs where the hair once was! It put me off for life, I kept it for a couple of years and then chucked it away. I gather they've improved since I had mine, I'm feeling tempted again (but scared!).x

  2. sounds a bit scary, but maybe i'll give it a try http://beautifulbronze.blogspot.com/

  3. Recently got an epilator, only used it once so far - gearing myself up to get it out again. It's definitely worth it, but it can be a bit scary the first time!

  4. I've had one of the Braun silk epil epilators for about 5 years and I couldn't live without it. However I only use it on my underarms. I find it painful to use on my legs/arms and end up with too many ingrown hairs. Also tried it on my bikini line once......OWW!!

  5. Eek that thing just looks scary, like a big evil mouth of teeth :P i'd like to use an epilator just for the ease, but i am a wimp and so very scared to try.

  6. StellieStellina: Welcome to my blog :)Now that you mention the blood thing..I did see that the follicles opened up and there was a tiiiiiiiiiiiny (really negligible) bit of blood but my skin went back to normal really quickly.

    Bronze and Beautiful: Part of the problem is the noise that the teeth make when you switch it on, if it was quieter/silent, I'd be more willing to use it!

    Phoebe: The first time was terrible because I totally ignored the instructions (smart!) but now I've used it for a whole leg, I think I will continue.

    Une tasse: ON YOUR UNDERARMS?! That must have hurt really bad! How did you manage to see what you were doing because I ran into problems doing the outer side of my left leg..not good! I would never ever use it on my bikini line because I fail at home hair removal there.

    Lillian: You think it LOOKS scary, wait until it starts..the noise is far more menacing! Whenever I get it out to use, I put it close to my leg about a million times before I actually start! It's worth it though because it really doesn't hurt apart from ankles and my legs are still smooth today.

  7. I'm getting chills looking at it. Seriously, it makes me go all squirmy. Not a fucking chance.


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