Sunday, 30 May 2010

The revised rant post.

Some of you got to read it, some of you didn't.

Anyway, I took it down due to the recieving of some bad personal news and I didn't really want to deal with a flame war at the same time.

In my infinite wisdom I have decided to not publish that post as it was because things have recently made me realise that getting hung up on the small things is pointless and that in the grand scheme of things, blogging is about 10% of my life.  So much more than blogging takes priority..which I'm sure is the same for most of you.  Despite that, I still stand by everything I said in that post, a summation of which follows below..
  • Brands should actually research blogs and not go on a follower basis, I'm not saying this because of sour makes sense to invite people to events who actually use your products because it's those blogs that come up when people do Google searches
  • Followers aren't the be all and end all..blogging is just a hobby to most of us...there are tonnes of blog posts I have read which I have never commented on.
  • Comments too, are nice but again aren't the be all and end all....
  • Don't go follower mongering through the medium of giveaways, you don't have followers because you need to up your content.  We all start with 0 followers. 
There we have it.  If you take issue with this, feel free to unfollow..this probably isn't the blog for you anyway.


  1. I read your original rant on my phone (does that sound creepy? LOL) but when I got to my computer later to comment you'd deleted it :( I pretty much agree with everything you said/are saying anyway.

    Hope things are getting better for you!

  2. well i totally agree with you girl... you are sooo right.. :)

  3. I think you summed it up pretty well!

  4. Great post!
    Hope the personal stuff is sorted now. x

  5. Completly agree with everything you just said. I feel like companies will always go off follower numbers though, as it saves them having to search harder for loyal followers of their brand.

  6. I hear ya, but as long as your passionate about blogging, then who cares. I actually found blogging to have a positive impact on my life. So I don't stress the other stuff, just appreciate what I have :)



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