Thursday, 8 April 2010

What happens when a man rushes you to put your face on

The other week, me and the Mr were going out for dinner because we hadn't seen each other properly for a while, despite living with each other.

I got home waaaaaaaaay too early and so I wasted time reading nonsense you do.

Before I knew it, it was half past 7 and the Mr was standing before me ready to go out.

I washed my hair as fast as I could and managed to put too much conditioner on which resulted in very defined and almost greasy looking curls.  I already had my clothes out anyway so I whopped them on, picked up the first pair of heels I saw and then decided to sit down and sort my makeup out thinking that the Mr would give me more than 5 minutes.

He didn't and this is what happened:
I did pluck my brows before leaving the house..

That was the only makeup I wore and I got more compliments wearing that than I ever get wearing a full "going out" face of makeup.  One lady asked me how I managed to get the colour to blend so well and how I got my skin looking so flawless.

I used the black eyeshadow you get in the Sleek Original palette and this eyeliner brush from Ruby and Millie, it blends surprisingly well.  That was all, no mascara or eyeliner.  I sound so thick saying this but I think it's pretty "comforting" to know that you can get so many results from using just one product alone and it makes you think, do you really need eyeliner/mascara/a million other things you would have used?

And...this is how the hair ended up looking:
The lime green top is not what I wore out by the way, I do have some class.


  1. lol at the lime geen top comment!
    yeh i quite agree with you, it is quite amazing how just one product can do so much!

  2. I do agree that sometimes less really is more! I love your curls btw....gorgeous! :) x

  3. Dude, you have the prettiest hair :)

  4. and dude, you haz no class =D

    funny u say that since being here ive just wore my foundation mixed with a lil moisturiser and a touch of mascara. i normally layer on the powder but in this heat it just all melts!

    it is refreshing not having to put a mask on! and my skin looks so much better with a lil dewyness xx

  5. omg! why have u never shown us ur beautiful hair before lady!!

    yea its nice too to know that even wen u havnt slapped on the entire contents of your makeup bag on people notice how nice you look :)

  6. Wow your hair is amazing! As is your eye make-up, I've never tried that shade of the Sleek palette for fear of looking punched. In deep admiration of your rapid blending skillz x

  7. Lovely hair! And how nice to get so many compliments :)

  8. Thanks everyone! Trust me, it's very rare that my hair looks that good and stays looking that good. Sometimes it looks really nice when I wake up and by the time I'm at work, it's a state again!

    Naz: I think if you're lighter skinned then it would look like you've bruised yourself but if you're darker skinned like us then it's quite easy to use.

  9. I infact really like the taupey color you are wearing hun! Sometimes simplicity does the trick :) And your curls look pretty nice to me too!

  10. I've tagged you an award hun, check out my blog. x

  11. Lol!! I love the hair look!!
    New follower here!

  12. Get Gawjus: That's just it! There is no taupey colour, it is a solid black in the pan, if you have the Sleek palette in Original, it's the black in the top left corner. The brush and my skills(!) are the ones which makes it look taupey. The curls are a blessing and a curse I tell ya!

    Tackyblueeyeshadow: Thanks :) I read that post before seeing this comment, I've got a post lined up for it in the old drafts.

    Catanya: Welcome, welcome :) Thank you x

  13. Hi there, your blog looks great - it's so hard to find products for asian skin, and I am loving yor colour choices - will defo be following you - i have newly started blogging - pls take a peek and let me know what you think :)


  14. PS I have just been awarded a Sunshine Award and am consequently listing your blog as one of my 12 favourites – have linked to your blog my post...


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