Monday, 1 February 2010

Perfume help!

I bought a set of five perfumes in the Boots post Xmas sale and it was only when I got them home that I realised they were screw top bottles. I've used one screw top bottle during the week and it took me about 15 minutes to carefully put it on.

Thus, I have a problem.  When I rush to get ready for work in the morning, I can't use the perfume in the same manner because it will literally splash all over the shop because naturally I'd be in a hurry.

This is where you ladies come in, when you get a perfume which is screw top only, what do you put it into? What I mean by screw top is that there is no pump out of which you can spray the perfume.

I've been looking around the usual suspects to find a pump action (har har) container I can put my perfume into but have so far found nothing.  I used to have an atomiser but it's very tricky to use and if you leave your perfumer in there for longer than a week, it I found out when I put my sample of Gucci Rush in there...which reminds me, I had about 10 nice sized samples of Calvin Klein perfume which I have lost.  This is what happens when you move around so much that you can't remember the last place you left things.

Anyway, what do you guys suggest I do? Just dab it on like aftershave? If you've ever found one of those spray bottles, please tell me where from so I can get some like it.

I'll leave you with a shot of the aforementioned perfumes:


  1. I've got a little handbag sized spray/ atomiser thing seems to work well. I can just unscrew the top and pour the perfume in and it sprays out. Makes it easily portable for your handbag too! I got it from ebay really cheaply, it looks something like this...

    Hope that helps! x

  2. Well, it's rather crude, but if you'd prefer not to use an atomiser, how about just a regular plastic spray bottle? I keep my isopropyl alcohol that I use to clean my brushes in a plastic spray bottle I got from Boots empty for a pound. It's not fancy but it does the job. For perfume I guess ideally you want a finer mist, but if you haven't had luck with atomisers I see no reason to waste money. Plus, then you can get one bottle for each of your 5 perfumes :D

  3. try cotton ball technique dear ;)

  4. Thanks ladies, I had a look today and found a sprayer bottle in Sallys so I picked that up.

    Anita, the spray bottle I got is quite fine in spraying out a mist so I'm happy! I never thought to get a spray bottle before.


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