Friday, 6 November 2009

Here bunny, bunny, bunny..

I got my Giles Deacon and Cadburys Nibbles scarf *beaming like Cheshire Cat* and I'm VERY chuffed with it.

It's pretty big for a freebie scarf, it's actually full size.  I rang my mum to tell her about this (she hears about all these monumental things in my life) and she was like a bit surprised as to why I thought it wouldn't be.

I sent her a picture of it from the Blackberry and she now wants least I know what to get her as part of her Xmas present. I've had mine on for a while and it's gorgeous, well worth the £15 that John Lewis are selling it for (of which, all the profits, or so I hear, are going to charity).

Anywho, without further's the beauty:


This is the little slip it came with:

This post is clearly a showing off post so I shan't masquerade it as being anything but.

How many of you ladies snagged a scarf? If you haven't got it yet, you will love it when it arrives.

PS apologies for the webcam shots, I'm sans camera today thanks to Mr Ross who has taken the memory card from it to do something..


  1. Beautiful! I want mine to come! Hurry Mr. Postman!!!

    We can swish and have showing off posts together k?

  2. I was really surprised when it came this morning, the postie even knew what it was because he said his daughter hogged his computer and got one last Friday.

    Show off together? Indeed we can!

  3.'s so beautiful...the colors r so pretty too n the bunny looks Foxy! :)

  4. Looks so nice, I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, did you get an email confirming you'd won one? I've not heard anything and I'm worried that something went wrong x

  5. pretty colourful! can jazz up any dull outfit! xoxo

  6. Im so pissed off! Not at you though haha, but I was wondering last night "why do I never see any of Rhams posts on my dashboard, she musn't post a lot" so I go to your page, see allllllll these posts Ive never seen and think to myself "wtf" I look down at your followers and see my face there, so im obviously following, so why do I never get updates?!!?!? God friggin knows!

    But I went to my dashboard and clicked on add.. and typed in your address that way. So now hopefully, Ill recieve your updates and I can bombard you with comments! yay! :D


  7. Thanks everyone, I love it! Wore it to work this morning and this lady rushed out to John Lewis to buy herself one.

    Jo, you make me laugh, I post a lot ;) I look forward to your bombardment hehehe

    Thanks for commenting ladies



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