Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My Winter Wishlist

I was going to call it Autumn but to me those two seasons seem to blend in seamlessly, unlike Spring and Summer.  In my mind, Spring is when it looks sunny and nice outside but it's still a bit cold, Summer is when it looks nice outside and it's actually warm.

I have had a wishlist in my head for the past few weeks but I keep forgetting what I want and from where so I've decided to a)let you guys in on it and b)document it so if Mon comes asking, I can point him to this exact post.

So, here are the items I am currently coveting:

This gorgeous makeup bag, it reminds me a bit of something by Versace but like Versace inspired so it may look like a fake-o? Hmm..not sure...anyway, it's a bargain at £7.

I'm also madly in love with these flats. How can anyone NOT like them? Look how sexy they are.  I find that it's rare to find some sexed up flats for a decent price and these tick all boxes.  Sadly they also tick the "out of stock because they sell like hot cakes" box.  Dagnabbit.  I hope they make enough of these to last until the post Xmas sales.

I'm literally coveting my neighbour's ass because she has these. I think I might be able to make these myself though, I'm thinking of buying a pair of cheapo suede boots (mock suede, then) and buying some of those hairbands from Primark which look a lot like the "bands" around these boots.  I'm sure they could stand a winter's wear.  I'll have to ask the haberdasher extraordinaire known as my mum if that idea is viable.

I haven't checked more of Topshop's website because I will end up wanting more than I actually really want, you know when you like for like's sake and not because you really want it?

As a final note from TS, I used to have a purse like this when I was in year 10 at school.  I only chucked it out recently, I should have kept it so I could have sold it as vintage/cutting edge.  My friend at school used to LOVE scratching the purse and making my teeth hurt and she's made a career out of working at Topshop.  She's still there now and I'm going to be asking her if she had a word when TS were designing their winter wardrobe..

I haven't really seen anything else I like in any other shops..odd.  Normally, you can't stop me shopping at this time of year but this time I seem to have come to my senses, much to the relief of Mon.

I really really really like these shoes, they're perfect for both the party season and Indian functions.  I'm quite taken by how the straps looks like tumbling bangles but I've realised that my foot won't fall forwards, it would be straight up.  They're still gorgeous though!

I've also realised recently that I'd quite like:

I don't know what it is, I know it's not a looks thing (not that I'm saying he isn't aesthetically pleasing).  I've seen him on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh and he just has something about him.  I think it's the fact that he's able to look and dress anyway he pleases without looking like he tries hard to be different or to be a poseur.  Plus, he comes across as being a very nice guy too.   I mean look at what he's wearing there, he doesn't look like he's trying to be cool, he just looks happy in himself.  Noel Fielding, I think I may very well be in love with you.

Makeup-wise I'm seriously lemming this stuff:
Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes (£14.00).  I'm really liking this packaging but the sceptic in me isn't sure that you get £14 quids worth of product.  I'd buy it in Binge which is a lovely dark blue colour.

Another beauty from UD, this time it's the Urban Decay Super Stash (£18.00).  I really want to get these pencils as the colours are gorgeous and last ages but I've got a million pencils that need to be used up first.  £18 quid means that each pencil costs a bargainous £2! 
MAC's 219 pencil brush (£17.00) so that I can finally put shadow under my lower lid without putting too much/too little on.

NARS Yachiyo blusher brush (£37.00).  I've used it once before and nothing else applies blusher like this.  It's perfect for noobs, albeit a tad pricey.
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Blushed Rose (£17.00).  I love multifunctioning products and this colour matches my natural blushing colour (or the colour I hope I go when I blush, you know how hard it is to tell when an Indian girl blushes).

 Bobbi Brown's Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette (£48.00).

I love Bobbi Brown palettes because you get a decent amount of eyeshadow in each, I already have the nudes palette and the blocks of shadow in that are massive, I think they're bigger than the individual shadows you get.  Also, you get brushes with the palettes which is good.  The brushes aren't always the best but at least it's no sponge applicator.

I'm also lemming the two new palettes coming out by Sleek.  I can only find a photo of the Graphic palette, so feast your eyes on this badboy right here:

I'm going to scope this one out tomorrow because greys look fantastic on my 'lids.

All pics are from Google/the sites operated by the companies mentioned above.

What do you guys have on your wishlists?


  1. Oh I love Sleek palettes! They are soo cheap & have amazing payoff! When are the new ones out?

  2. I'm not sure really, there's a release date for the Graphic one on the Sleek website, I think it's the 20 something.

    There's been a bit of confusion about when the Sunset one is out but Sleek said that the stores which have just recently started stocking their brand will get it before those which have been stocking Sleek for longer.


  3. Nice list :)I have nominated you for a b;og award :)

  4. They have loads of those flats in the flagship Oxford St store and damn this list for making me want those UD mini liners! I can't wait for the Graphite palette either. I read it comes out on the 28th?

  5. I've swatched the BB Earth Metal palette in-store, the three gold shades are very, very similar to each other on the skin, which is a real shame. I had been going to buy it too! Worth testing it out for yourself, I'd say.

  6. oooohhh I am lemming that gorgeous Sleek palette in Graphite! xoxo

  7. LouLou: Thank you! I will do it when I get enough time to sit down and type coherant stuff out which could be a while as I'm all over the place today.

    Une Tasse: I am going to check them out, surprised they have a lot left, that store usually sells out really quick! I read a review on the Graphite palette and the person said that all the greys are a bit samey samey so I'm going to swatch many times just to make sure I really want it.

    Get Lippie: Oh, that's a shame. BB have so many colours that they could have really mixed it around a bit and been adventurous. I think they've done a bit of overkill though (and have realised it) because I've seen about four winter palettes they have out and all the colours are pretty much the same, apart from the Plum version which has a nice aubergine-y colour in it.

    The Beautifier: Same here! I lemming every palette that Sleek make but I will have to see what this is like, I already have a really nice grey which I love, do I need about 5 more?!

    Thanks for the comments ladies


  8. Im a new follower and love your blog.



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