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Holy Grail Haircare

A while ago I made this thread:
about my HG face care products. This is the follow up one for haircare.

This is my HG shampoo, Revlon Flex Clarifying shampoo:

I found this badboy in Poundland. I wasn't expecting much from this shampoo on its own. Let me explain. Washing my hair is a ritual which starts with me oiling my hair up with the desi oil a la mode. That stays on for about an hour and then I wash my hair with clarifying shampoo (usually Pantene) to get the oil out and then a moisturising shampoo which is featured below this one.

I used this and it left me with, for the first time ever, LOVELY NO FIRZZ CURLS! I thought it might be a fluke but every time I used this, it gave me the same result.

Imagine my heartbreak when I went back to buy some more and it wasn't there. I tried for months on end and never found it. This was until last week when upon a random trip to the 99p store (which seem to be eating up all the old Woollies) when I saw my baby on the shelf. I ended up buying 7 bottles for less than £7.

My second HG shampoo is Herbal Essences None of your Frizzness:
I love this shampoo, it smells gorgeous and it makes my hair feel clean and the curls are well looked after.

My hair is currently short but when it's longer I use Aussie Luscious Long shampoo:
It's hard to look after long hair but this badboy manages to make the whole length of the hair look like it's of the same health, you know what I mean. When your hair grows to a certain length and you haven't had it trimmed as often as you should, this shampoo doesn't give you fluffy ends, it makes the whole shaft (I feel so dirty typing that hehe) look and feel nice, healthy and soft like it has been freshly trimmed.

My HG shampoos mainly concentrate on giving me curly hair without frizz as that is easier to straighten. Conditioners are a whole different ball game, depending on the end result I want from my hair I use different conditioners.

Conditioners for when I want straight, soft hair:
Aussie 3 Minute Luscious Long Deep Treatment:
In my world, deep conditioning happens before I wash my hair and not after. I use this when I want sexy smooth hair and I have the time to hang around. Unlike the shampoo I use this all the time, regardless of the length of my hair.

When I don't have the time I use L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss:
Smells nice and it doesn't weigh your hair down and you get noticeable shine for a low price. The thing I love about this is the fact that the more you use it, the shinier your hair gets which doesn't happen to me with a lot of shine inducing conditioners. I used to use Umberto Gianini before and that paled in shine after the second wash. This makes your hair really soft and shiny but it also leaves your hair feeling thick which a lot of shine shampoos don't do, basically it doesn't weigh your hair down to give you shine.

When I want curly hair I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy Deep Treatment:
This gives me salon hair, it looks as if I have had it curled professionally and no matter how I touch it or sleep on it, I wake up with lovely curls. I've got a photo of how this conditioner makes my hair look, when I find it I will post it up.

I haven't added photos of my desi oils which I use but if anyone wants to know then I can do another post about them too.

We move swiftly onto styling stuff.

I will do curly hair first seeing as I only use two products on it, very easy to style (yay!).

I use these two interchangeably on both wet and dry hair and they don't weigh it down or make it look greasy, I get really nice, bouncy, salon made curls. These two products are the only high end ones I use and even then they aren't too pricey.

L'Oreal Tecni-Art Natural Liss:

This smells like watermelons and is very watery in its consistency but it is nothing like water as it actually controls the curls but leaves them soft, no crunchy feeling. RESULT.

L'Oreal Tecni-Art Liss Control:
As above but not so much watermelon-y in smell, it's another leave in conditioner but I find it a bit heavy so I either use a tiny bit or use it as a wash out conditioner.

For straight hair I use:
I'm heavy handed when it comes to spraying these types of products on and I love this one as it lasts me well over a year even with my heavy hand and if you apply too much it doesn't show and it won't weigh your hair down at all and it's cheap. Ticks all boxes.

After straightening, depending on how my hair looks I will use one of these two:
John Frieda Secret Agent:
If for some reason I'm having a bad hair day and my hair isn't as smooth as it could be I use a tiny tiny bit of this and it smooths everything down and is well worth the money. I have one tube which I have been using for three years and only now is it semi empty. I really like the name because it is like a secret agent, you can't tell it's there but it makes a great deal of difference and a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit goes a long long way.

If my hair has behaved and I want some extra shine and softness, I use Pantene Smooth and Sleek Serum:
I have been using this religiously recently and it still looks full, a tiny tiny tiny bit covers all my hair and it smells nice too.

All photos from Google.

And there we have my HG haircare products, next is makeup!


  1. I used to use that Revlon shampoo when I was a kid! :) My favourite conditioner (although technically a hair treatment) is the tresemme one that comes in a tub. That stuff is amazing!

  2. You won't believe how much I love that shampoo, the fact that it's cheap and does everything I want is great!

    My mum uses the Tresemme one that comes in the tub, I think she uses either blue or purple but I found that too rich for me though the smell IS gorgeous.

    Thanks for commenting, lovely



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