Friday, 21 August 2009

Tag:11 things which make this girl happy

I’ve been tagged by the rather lovely Lipglossiping so here go my 11 things (in no particular order) which bring me endless amounts of joy:

The man/Simon/Monlar/Le Mon/Monskator/Monlarina
He goes by many names because he’s mysterious like that. I’ve always had a thing for blue eyes and he has the nicest blue eyes I have ever seen..not that I’m biased or anything. I won’t go on about him as otherwise this entry will be about a million words long, the amount of love I have for him is larger than any number ever conjured by man or machine and then some.

Cheapo toffees

Everyone cried when Woollies shut down because they couldn’t pop down the road to get cheap pens, paper, pans etc..essentials. I cried because I’d never ever eat the nicest toffees in the world. Woollies Worth It! Toffees were my all time favourite. I don’t have expensive taste and thus can’t stomach the butter rich toffees you get from Thorntons, the Woollies ones were perfect.

RIP good buddy.

Getting a bargain/finishing products/finding stuff that works

That’s really lame and superficial, isn’t it? I can’t help it, I love the fact that I bought something which was cheaper than it should have been and have saved some money in the process. The money saving thing isn’t the thrill, it’s the fact that I could have paid more for it but didn’t. This is really three things but I’ve lumped it as one.

I love the feeling you get from finishing a product, especially’s really nice.

The same is true with finding stuff that works, cosmetic and any body related buying is a minefield, especially for women. Every month the next best thing comes out and we go and buy it, then it turns out to be pants. That’s why I love finding something that works because the hard work for that thing is over, yay!

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists/Withnail and I

Best book and film ever. I love the book and have read it about five times over, it opened my eyes to a lot and made me cry and laugh which is something few books have seldom done for me. It’s overtaken my other all time favourite book (To Kill A Mockingbird) and is now my one literary love.

Withnail and I is my all time favourite film, I simply love it. Plus, I’ve thrown a pineapple at Withnail, no malice intended of course as I love him so.

This used to be a great love of mine before I became fully qualified as then my weekends were my own and I’d go snapping around London. Haven’t been out for a very long time doing this but having learnt how to use the macro function, it sure is fun to take pictures of stuff at home. I think I would be doing photography had I not chosen law, it’s so much fun! You can make the most mundane things look beautiful and that’s an art in itself. I’d be more of a “macro-photographer” than a traditional landscape one as my composition is never right and I’ve never found anything beautiful enough to photograph since I’ve been doing it.

Staying in and watching a decent film with number 1
I sound like such an old fart but I love doing this with him, especially when it leads to some bedroom action, hehehe. He’s opened my eyes to so many great films and when I get really really scared watching a film, he actually comforts me and all is well in Gotham City once again.

Karaoke and a good few drinks

I don’t know how I could live if I didn’t have this, I love karaoke and am the biggest tart when it comes to getting up on that machine and letting rip. My cousin bought Singstar a few years ago and I convinced her to “play” it, I got so into it that the neighbours had to come around and ask us to turn it down. That would not be a shameful thing did she not live in a fully detached house surrounded by massive fir trees.

The drinking part rather explains itself, I’m not a lush, I can hold my drink really well (it’s the Punjabi in me), it’s the socialising that comes with it which makes me happy, I find people relax more when there’s drink around even if they’re not the ones drinking.

Lying in bed/the conservatory listening to the rain lash down outside

This is the single thing which makes me happiest in the whole wide world, the noise is so relaxing and I love it. I sleep by the non window side in our bed so when it rains at night I try to crawl over the man and open the doors (we don’t have windows, we have doors as the Thames runs next to our flat) and it’s lovely for me. Not so much for him.

Night time driving

I LOVE this, I don't know what is is about driving at night that I like so much. I think it's the fact that it's usually the case that me and Simon drive at night because we're coming back from somewhere or there's an emergency we have to attend. We have a lot of heart to hearts when night driving and it's nice. We usually go a mile a minute but when the roads are quiet, we get a lot of discussing done. It's nice to have a man who entertains your stupid ideas. I get a feeling of being content when I get out of the car after those "discussions". I think it comes joint first with the matter mentioned expressly above it.

Well scripted comedy
Makes me laugh so much and can make me feel better when I’ve had a crap day. My all time favourite comedy shows are:


Early Doors

Only Fools and Horses


I could watch these shows end to end until the cows came home, no matter how many times I’ve seen a cunning plan of Baldrick’s fail, it always brings a smile to my face. Anyone who has seen both Blackadder and House will realise what a great actor Hugh Laurie is, the fact that he can play both a hapless toff and a sarcastic, pissed off American equally well show you how great the man is.

Finding handbags and shoes you forgot you had

I was cleaning my bedroom out today and found a pair of shoes I bought last year and three purses from Selfridges which I had never used, it’s like going shopping without the guilt of having spent any money, great!

So, those are my 11 things

I tag anyone reading this who wishes to do the same, go mad!


  1. Loved reading this post, I like so many of them too, the rain lashing down and those toffees look SO good!!


  2. Toffees are teh sex I tell ya!

    It's raining right now and I can't sleep because I'm enjoying the noise too much


  3. I love to be lying in bed listening to the rain outside or be sitting by the fire drinking coffee (with rain falling outside as well) ... I love the Winter!

  4. ha, this was done a year ago but if u had to asnwer them again i bet it would still be exactly the same!


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