Saturday, 29 August 2009

Review: Biore Warming Blackhead Fighting Cream Wash

I've been battling with horrible skin recently and I don't know what's caused it to break out. I've been cleansing my skin everyday and actually looking after it. I'm convinced my nose has dark marks on it even though the Mon has advised me this is not the case. He's even taken digital camera pics on super macro to show me that I'm imagining it. I'm sure that my nose is getting greasier and that there are blackheads on the end of it which never come out as I can't get any product on them.

Monlar went out this morning to get some bits we needed, returning with a little something for me from Superdrug.

He came home clutching a Biore wash for my face hoping it would help the greasies. I've used the Biore wipes before and they were horrible, smelt like alcohol and as if they could cut through car oil, plus they really dried me out and they stung like hell. In the end I gave them to my brother so he could clean his car wheels with them.

He bought me this badboy right here:

So, with an apprehensive "let's give this a go then but it won't do owt" look on my face, I decided to try it. Truth be told, I kinda hoped he would have picked up the Pore Unclogging Scrub, which makes me sound like a right lazy cow, can't get off her arse to get herself stuff and then isn't happy with what someone brings her..

The instructions said wet your face and then dry your hands. Put the product on your hands and then apply to your face and it will heat up when it touches water. I got freaked out by how warm it got, simply because things don't usually warm up like that and the other heating thing I had (a body scrub) was weak compared to this. This feels like you've got a warm towel on your face, basically very nice. The particles are rough enough to clean your skin but not rough enough to hurt. I nearly forgot to add that it smells NOTHING like the face wipes, it smells super natural and of watermelon, not so much though that it makes you sick. It's a nice non offensive smell.

I washed it off, moisturised and got on with my day. I was out for a lot of the day and am pleased to report that I had no dry patches, my nose blackheads were gone and I had no shine, my skin, in short, looked perfect and this was without any Dr Feelgood or Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

I remember I raved about Cyclax in my HG post but that pales in comparison to this, that gave me clean, very dry skin but this gives me clean, moisturised skin and so I don't feel as if I'm overcompensating. PLUS, you can use this every day apparently and Cyclax had to be used once every two weeks by me which kinda annoyed me.

The wash is on sale in Superdrug for £2.44 at the moment as they're doing all their Biore stuff on half price. I'm popping in over the course of this lonnnnnnnng weekend to pick myself up a few more of these and one of the Unclogging Scrub to see if it can tackle my recently very congested nose area.

Well I've been using this since the day this post was originally posted and it is now my HG face wash ever. It clears the greasies, can be used twice a day and doesn't make me break out, it got rid of spots I had on my forehead and on my chin. It also got rid of any bumps I had too which is good. When I get through my stash of face washers I shall be buying Biore and nothing else.

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