Monday, 31 October 2011

EOTD: It's not that easy being green..

Saturday nights in my house used to be X Factor nights.  However, the ridiculous amount of ads they cram in, the fake groups they keep making and the the fake arguments between the judges have made me turn off.  I know that it's more about entertainment than the talent but they waste so much time.  It doesn't take ten minutes to introduce the acts.  As if that isn't bad enough, they go to an ad practically straight after.  And the voiceover guy is getting realllly annoying.

The main point of this post is that I had an engagement party to attend on Satuday evening for a girl I went to school with.  I wore a gorgeous sea green outfit and an eye to match.  I know they always say you shouldn't match your makeup to your outfit but when it comes to Indian outfits, I strongly feel that you should.  As the colour of the thread/sequins/stones used on the kadai (embellishment) is alway multicoloured, you're nearly always wearing a colour that is on your outfit.
I went for a feline look as it always makes me eye shape look different in photographs.  This is just a shimmery black shadow blended into the lid with a dark green shimmery shadow over the top.  You'll see soon enough which brands I've used.

As this was too dark, I decided to add a lighter green to the middle portion of the eye..that reluctantly blended out to the whole shadow area I ended up with this..
I LOVE this.  It matched my outfit perfectly and a lot of people asked me the name of the eyeshadow I used to create this look.  I didn't let my dirty little secret out to anyone...

I use this palette for a lot of my Indian outfit looks, even though the fallout is really bad.  I just put a tissue under my eye and blend away..once I'me done, I sweep the colour off with a fluffy blusher brush.
How I got this look..
  • Prime your eyelids with a primer, I swear by Urban Decay's Primer Potion.  As the shadows I'm using are shimmery, you can just use the standard primer.
  • Use a flat shader brush to lay down the black eyeshadow "1".  I used the MAC 239 (you can also use ELF's Mineral Bamboo All Over Eyeshadow brush).  You just want to blend it over the eyelid as it will be the base for the green.
  • Your eyelid should actually look black, not black with your skin colour poking through.  Keep blending more black eyeshadow in until you have this.
  • Do not panic if you haven't got the feline angle down, concentrate on putting the colour down.
  • Use a blending brush to add the Smashbox green "2".  I don't know the name of this shadow but it is from the Eclectic quad.
  • As you're adding it to black, the colour will be darker than in the pan.  Blend it in but not so much that it disappears. It should look like the first photo..
  • Now add the green which is labelled as "3" above.  Blend this in as before, you still want it to show over the other green "2".
  • Get a cotton wool pad, bend it in half, add some cream cleanser and swipe upwards (with the the straight edge on your skin) from the outer corner of your eye to your brow.  This gives you the feline look. 
  • Use the edge of your brush to soften the edge out a bit because you don't want it looking too false..
  • Get a lashline brush (I use the No7 one but I am going to buy the MAC 214 as that will get the job done quicker) and apply shadow "3" to your lower lashline.
  • Add mascara and you're done!  You may notice that I'm not wearing mascara..I tend to touch my eyes once I've finished my makeup so I have started applying my mascara once we get to the party!

Ta da!

By the way, do the "how to" parts of these posts help? And should Sophie have gone this week? 


  1. We just record it and fast forward every second except the singing. And sometimes the singing depending on how terrible the song is. It means xfactor lasts like 20 minutes in our house haha.

    We take turns to voice over the judges as we fast forward. Its so predictable you pretty much know what the judges said even without sound and on x6.


  2. Oooh, looks lovely, please post a pic of your outfit!


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